W. A. Production released InstaComposer 2

W. A. Production released InstaComposer 2, the Ultimate MIDI Generation Station.

We’ve all experienced those moments when creativity runs dry. Fear not, as the newly updated Instacomposer 2 is your ultimate muse. This is a powerful MIDI generator plugin designed to revolutionize music creation. Whether you’re a professional musician or just starting out, this versatile tool offers endless possibilities for crafting captivating melodies, phrases, riffs, and chord progressions across various genres and styles. With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms, Instacomposer 2 lets you focus on getting ideas down fast, without spending hours auditioning parts manually. It’s the only generation station you need…

New to Instacomposer 2
Building on the foundation of the original, Instacomposer 2 sports exciting new features and improvements to enhance your experience. Organize ideas and song parts with 8 new “scenes”, providing a convenient way to store different variations within a single preset. Scale support is upgraded, with 22 additional scales ranging from Spanish, Arabic, Ryukyu and more. Melodies can be generated in different modes and paired with unique chord progressions for each scale. A new virtual keyboard and highlighted chord menus help with scale and chord selection. The update introduces two new generation modes. Drums; effortlessly generating drum lines across various styles and complexities, and Pad 2; creating fuller sounds by combining pad and chord modes. The AI algorithms have been further improved for rhythm, phrase, and melody generation, conjuring more refined results. New parameters like Sustain and Chord Helper provide additional control. The plugin now offers six total tracks, improved performance with reduced CPU usage, and legacy support for loading presets from the previous version.

Artificial Intelligence
Each new starting point for Instacomposer 2 generates a unique result, ensuring that you’ll never run out of fresh ideas and possibilities for your compositions. Unlike random note generation, Instacomposer 2 employs meticulously crafted algorithms and databases to produce musical ideas. By mimicking human creativity, it constructs rhythmic and melodic structures that just sound correct, selecting notes that fit the given scale and context, and creating cohesive phrases that complement underlying chords. Instacomposer 2 understands our brain’s affinity for pattern recognition in music. The AI uses different shapes and formats to build captivating combinations of beats and bars, adding rhythmic and melodic consistency often found in chart-topping music. By using smaller musical chunks that repeat or occur in various forms throughout the melody, Instacomposer 2 builds larger blocks, creating a sense of unity throughout your music. Depending on the selected mode and settings, the plugin harmonizes notes to enrich the sonics, resulting in a more cohesive composition as it aligns melody to chords. With adjustable AI controls and variable chaos parameters, you’re in charge of how Instacomposer 2 develops ideas (and how far it strays from the rules). Fine-tune various components such as chord complexity, note population, beat and bar structuring, pattern generation, harmonization, velocity randomization, and more.

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Intro: $32.70
Regular: $109.00

More info here: W. A. Production | InstaComposer 2