CubuSynth released VCLFO v2

CubuSynth released VCLFO v2, a Complex voltage controlled Low frequency oscillator, with 16 Waveforms, Step control (Sample&Hold style), LFO Sync / Reset, CV control over Frequency, Amplitude, Waveform, Frequency multiplier, Skew and Step Rate.


  • 16 Waveforms selectable in two Banks of 8
  • Frequency range: 0.05Hz to 12.8Hz (102.4Hz with multiplier x8)
  • 6 CV inputs for Multiplier, Frequency, Step Rate, Skew, Waveform and Level
  • “Sync” Input for LFO reset, or Step Sync
  • 3 outputs:
    • Uni-Polar (0 to +5V),
    • Bi-Polar inverted (+5V to 5V / 10Vpp) and
    • Bi-Polar normal ( 5V to +5V / 10Vpp)

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189,21 EUR (incl. TAX / excl. Shipping)

More info here: Cubusynth | VCLFO v2