ZenDAW released Elysea: Decent Sampler (Full & Free)

Elysea enables the creation of organic and intricate sounds. Its capability to produce deep, evolving textures makes it invaluable across various genres of electronic music. For instance, in ambient music, it creates lush soundscapes, while in cinematic and soundtrack production, it contributes to crafting immersive atmospheres. Additionally, its potential in game sound design allows for the creation of diverse and evocative audio landscapes. In film scores, it adds layers of depth and emotion to complement visual storytelling.

Overall, the versatility of Elysea make it a valuable instrument for musicians, producers, and sound designers seeking to create atmospheric, and immersive sounds across a wide spectrum of genres and media applications.

Elysea is a sound bank based mainly on the Ensoniq Fizmo and its Transwave technology.
A preset includes 3 oscillators, and therefore 3 sound layers of multi-sampled sounds.
The interface offers 3 drop-down menus containing 12 possible choices per oscillator.
Oscillators 1-2-3 have their own settings for Pan, Volume, and transpose (-3 and +3 octaves).
The global settings contain an amplitude envelope (ADSR) and a Filter with cutoff and resonance, a Reverb, and a Delay which can be cut with an On/Off button.
Each oscillator can be muted by selecting WAVE SELECTION from the drop-down menus which is the first choice by default.
The Filter Cutoff is assigned to the Mod Wheel by choice but each parameter can be assigned via MIDI CCs with MIDI learn/unlearn.

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Intro: $20 valid until Dec. 31st
Regular: $29

More info here: ZenDAW | Elysea: Decent Sampler (Full & Free)