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Esspresso is a fast, beautiful & powerful de-esser plugin (AU/VST) aimed at anyone everyone doing audio recording.

Easily remove hiss and sibilance (the intrusive “sss” sounds and hissing noises that can make for piercing audio) with this visual plugin.


A Simple Visual Approach to the Process of De-Essing

Esspresso is a fast, beautiful & powerful de-esser for everyone doing audio recording.

De-essers have previously been aimed towards highly professional audio producers that needs full control over the sibilance (high frequency noises) in their mix.

These noises can bring trouble to your overall sound – for example if you want a ”crisp” tone to the voice and add the EQ, the S’s will eventually distort and make it hard to balance the mix. With a fast and accurate frequency response view, Esspresso will easily give you full control over annoying S-sounds that otherwise can ruin the mix.

De-Esser by Klevgrand

What Sets It Apart from other De-Essing Plugins?

Esspresso’s simple visual interface lets you see how you’re affecting the audio in real time as you tweak, helping you get the job done fast.

The uniqueness of Esspresso is that the detection frequency range isn’t tied to the suppressors frequency range, meaning you can listen to a specific frequency and compress another one, which is often what you’ll want from a professional de-esser.

Esspresso’s interface is split into two halves:

  1. The “detector” section (the top half)
  2. The “suppressor” section (the bottom half)

The Detector is Esspresso’s “ear” – it listens to the incoming signal and tells the suppressor when to start working. The detector can listen to one frequency area and the suppressor can work on another, giving you more control on how to shape the sound.

Use the “Detector” area’s “Solo” function to listen to a particular frequency range in isolation and find the frequency region of the harsh “Sss” sounds, then set the compression level for it.

Next, set the frequency range that Esspresso should start working in in the “Suppressor” range. Decide if if should work above a certain frequency, within a specific range, or on the full frequency range. Choose the suppression level (completely reduce sibilance or use it gently for a more natural effect) and you’re done!

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  • Visual reduction RMS
  • Visual detector RMS
  • Detector sensitivity gain
  • Solo switch for the detector signal
  • Suppressor has three filter modes (all, band & high)
  • Intuitive and unique user interface
  • AU version, compatible with most Mac OS X DAW’s.  VST & VST3 version, compatible with most Mac & Windows DAW’s
  • System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7+ / Windows 7+ with SP1 or higher

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De-Esser by Klevgrand

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