The new sound and plugin-factory Dancelab (Jay Frog and CPS) is proud to present you the first plugin Jayqualizer for free. Jayqualizer is a parametric 8-band EQ that allows you to make certain settings for your mixdown-tracks. Each single band could be activated or deactivated. Sixteen presets and a visual spectrum analyser is also been given.
Enjoy this mixing-tool and be prepared for the next tools.


  • Parametric 8 band EQ for free
  • EMAG EQING Tutorial Guide 2016


JAYQUALIZER 1.0 is a parametric 8-band EQ as a fully functional VST-tool with no restrictions, it's freeware. It's just made for the fans of Jay Frog.
It's not allowed to sell, redistribute or modify this plug-in under any form without the copyright holder’s written permission. The author is not responsible for damages resulting from the use of the software.

EQ Guide
You can download the Jayqualizer VST plug-in as a registered Noizfield user. Registration is FREE!
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