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You are about to enter the Noizefield + Gravitas Create - Alchemy Sample Remix Contest

In honor of Gravitas Create's sample pack launch, Alchemy presented by Chamberlain (killer midtempo / glitch hop music producer in Australia) Gravitas Recordings, Gravitas Create and Noizefield, are glad to present you the Alchemy Sample Remix Contest.

Enter now! Along with the Alchemy sample pack, we are down to include the Gravitas Mega Bundle in the prizes, along with Gravitas Recordings merch - become a member of, download the free sample pack by Chamberlain.

The only two conditons for this contest are:

  • Use at least one sample from the provided Alchemy Sample Remix Contest - Sample Pack, which can be downloaded for free below!
  • The second conditon is optional - if you like to publish your track on social media or any other platform you need to tag the track with #alchemysampleremixcontest

Have fun and happy remixing. If you have a question about this contest, please dont hesitate and send them in via the comment form below.

More information to the Alchemy Sample Pack: Alchemy – Mid Tempo World Bass by Chamberlain
More information to Chamberlain: Chamberlain at Soundcloud
More information to Gravitas Recordings: Gravitas Recordings Website
More information to Gravitas Create: Gravitas Create Website

Along with the Alchemy sample pack, we are down to include our Mega Bundle in the prizes, along with Gravitas Recordings merch:

Download the remix files right here:

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We are pleased to announce the proud winner of the Gravitas Create competition. A big thank you to all participants and of course Chamberlain, Gravitas Create and Gravitas Recordings. We recieved several entries and some really excellent tracks. It was not easy for us to choose the winner, but in the end the track "Living Technology" by "Planet Beta" prevailed. Congratulations Planet Beta! Have a listen to the winning track.

Planet Beta - Living Technology

Track description: "A massive, but versatile track, going from loud sub and heavy basses to synths and arps, from speed to breakdowns, it takes you far away in the center of a place where the machines are living, where you can feel things that machines with an AI feel. Pass trough the universe of digital information. Now you see the truth."
And here you can listen to our favorite contributions. Please note that the tracks are in no particular order. Let us know what you think and leave a comment if you like. They are very much appreciated by the artists.

Atebaki - Cloud Forest

Track description: "This track is an ode to the foggy mornings in the forest. Let your spirit be transported by the music to the mountain peaks, where forests live in the clouds." Atebaki website Atebaki on Soundcloud Atebaki on Instagram

baerbeats - misleading

Track description: "I used a couple of samples from the provided pack. It ended up sitting somewhere in the realm right between dubstep, hardstyle and 80s synth pop." baerbeats on Soundcloud baerbeats on Instagram

FarfetchD - Let go

Track description: "A song i wrote about letting go..letting go of love, stress, tension and fear. A melodic beginning which builds to chaos and then releases to a happy medium." FarfetchD on Soundcloud

NoBeats - Midnight Snack

Track description: "A spacey midtempo journey through glitches and bass about sneaking into the kitchen for a little somethin' sweet past bedtime. I used many of the glitch and bass one-shots from the sample pack as well as the snare." NoBeats on Soundcloud

Plasma Mb3 - Plasma Gravity | Spirit Affinity Foot Chase Theme

Track description: "This track is an edm funk music composition by Plasma Mb3 using the provided Noizefield + Gravitas Remix Sample Pack and MIDI instruments. For track percussion, the following from the Noizefield + Gravitas Remix Sample Pack were used: Claps FX5, Claps FX24, Snare FX15, Kick FX3, Percussion FX29, Percussion FX19, and Snare FX22. For track bass support, the following from the Noizefield + Gravitas Remix Sample Pack were used: BassShotOne FX1, BassShotOne FX3, BassShotOne FX11, BassShotOne FX14, BassShotOne FX15, and BassShotOne FX24. For track treble support, the following from the Noizefield + Gravitas Remix Sample Pack were used: Glitch FX13, Glitch FX17, and Glitch FX24." Plasma Mb3 landing page

R-kade Robot - Suckerpunch

Track description: "Love me some Chamberlain basses and drums! From the samples I mainly used the kick, snare, some perc and Bass one shot 01 and 24. This track is a bit of a wild journey between formant basses, big subs and squelchy synth arps accompanied by some deep horns and untamed percussion. Hope you dig it :)" R-kade Robot website R-kade Robot on Soundcloud

Skelerex-T - Skankin Baby

Track description:"Made a happy vibe feeling DnB track from the samples... Enjoy!" Skelerex-T on Soundcloud

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