Club Voltage
[Free VSTi Plugin]

Club Voltage Short Description:
ClubVoltage is a modern control-voltage softsynth, based on subtractive synthesis for creating sequences to electronic music. ClubVoltage is split up in to various sections on two different pages.

Sound demo:


  • 3 equal Oscillators with 64 waveforms each and pulsewidth
  • 2 Multimode-Filter
  • 1 Noisegenerator (White Rauschen)
  • 1 Modulatiosmatrix
  • 3 Envelopes (1 Amp-, and two Modulationsenvelopes)
  • 3 LFOs with different degrees
  • 1 Bitcrusher
  • 1 Equalizer
  • 6 different control-voltage (C.V.) sequencers with 32 Steps (Arpeggiator and others)
  • 1 Chorus
  • 1 Delay

System requirements:
ClubVoltage is a 32-Bit VST-plug-in only available for PC/Windows systems (Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.) It‘s recommended to use a modern PC with 4GB RAM or more with a fast CPU speed and a dual/quad core processor or higher).
You also need a VST-compatible host sequencer/DAW like Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Orion, Ableton Live, Samplitude, MusicMaker etc…
Please make sure that you put the .dll-file of that plug-in in your local VSTPlugins folder.

Download “Noizefield Instruments - Club Voltage”
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    1. hey please can i have this plugin please it sounds very great and the link was broken plz reupload this vst

  1. I can not download it, I already tell him I like on FB, what happened?

    1. Author


      Do you use any download plugin in your Browser? Please can you try without again?


  2. Not bad. The biggest issue is the sound quality. Then again, I compared it to a 150-dollar synth…
    I think it would make sense to increase the number of voices to 12 or 16 as one can run out of voices pretty fast with pads.

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  5. I cant download it, when i download the file it just appear like a manual, i dont really understand

    1. Author

      Thanks for writing in,

      thats weird. I will send you the plug-in via email :)


    1. Hi,
      you can use Club Voltage for Trance Music if you want. Otherwise you can also try our plugins 4Tune or VACS2. They are also suitable for Trance music.

      Best regards

  6. Can I use this plugin and presets for making commercial music?

  7. Hi
    I have downloaded Club Voltage but is only 32 bit and does not show up in Studio One 5 even adding the folder
    I did not see a 64 bit version so it will work?

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