Kick Machine Free

Tyrell Presets by Noizefield

Join 16,000+ others and grab Kick Machine, a kickdrum and bass generator for modern music styles.

This VST-synth is developed by infected sounds in cooperation with CPS / Noizefield and the Guru-Project team. It‘s free of charge. If you want to send feedbacks, questions or bugs, please write to the support management or leave a message on our website.

Kick Machine Features:

  • 2 oscillators (with different 16 waveforms each)
  • 1 Pitch Envelope
  • 1 Filter1 Osc
  • 1 Filter2 Click
  • 1 Amp-Envelope
  • 1 Click-Envelope
  • 1 Pitch-Envelope
  • Effects: 1 Decimator, 1 EQ


Read this carefully, cause you must agree to that in order to use Kick Machine Free. Use it at your own risk. infected-sounds is not responsible for any damages arising from the use of this software:

You may:
You may use this software for every production you want (also commercial productions). You could use it for music, games, video background music, multimedia etc….

You may not:
You may not redistribute this software without the authors prior written permission including but not limited to making the software available for download. Don‘t host this software on your own in the internet. If you want to use Kick Machine for a magazine or a comment or review, please set a backlink to and reference to this named website.
You may not sell, sublicence, rent, or convert or decompile this software to another programming language. You may not modify any of the components of this software.

Copyright (C) 2016 infected sounds
Drumsynth developement, GUI and presets by infected sounds and The Guru Project team
Description manual and presets by CPS ([email protected])
VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Inc.
All other mentioned trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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  1. Pingback: Kick Machine Free by Noizefield

      1. Yeah definitely doesn’t work on mac. Got a .dll file when downloaded and a pdf.

      2. Hey, i can’t download it anywhere on this site. Ive made an account and i cant download it.

        1. I’ve tried to send you the file, but yourt mail doesn’t seem to work correct.

  2. Pingback: Kick Machine Free VST Plug-in by Infected Sounds

    1. Author

      Hello shalarem,

      thanks for writing in. Just copy the ddl into you plugin folder and it should run ;)


  3. nice stuff. i love your plugs.
    Remind me old good times)
    One *.dll – is everything you need)

  4. Guys. Please add a scaling to the pitch envelope, or zoom in. I mean how can we operate with such a huge times? The kick design needs miliseconds. This envelope is impossible to make fine tuning. To make a kick need to operate withing like 0.1-0.5 sec.

    And also a knob for a pitch scale. We often need much lower range of the top pitch from where the kick body starts to fall.

    1. Tere is a DLL and a PDF manual in the archive. What more do you need?

    1. Hi,
      have you checked that the plugin is in the right folder?

      Could it be that Mixcraft 9 allows only 64 Bit plugins? Actually Kick machine is only a 32 Bit plugin.

      Best regards

  5. Hi, for some reason none of your download links seem to work :(

    Im happy to register and support the goods, but I keep being sent to an ‘oops’ page telling me theres nothing there anymore or it didnt exist…

    Any info or links are appreciated

    PS- Keep up the great work!!

    1. Author

      We could find the issue!
      please try to login and downlaod angain. It should work. Maybe please delete your browser cache.
      If it still does not work, please send me a massage and I will send you the plugin via email.


  6. Where is the actual download link for Kick Machine. I’ve gone through the registration process etc, but I just can’t locate the links for getting the free products. Thanks, Michael

  7. Hello,

    i’m highly interested in Testing this kick machine plugin, but most of your downloadlinks are broken and when i log in especially to “” then your website loggin me automatically out.. two post above you make the offer to send this via e-mail? can i take this offer too?


    1. Author


      for some reason our DL Links are not working fast enough for the website. Just try it a couple of times in a row and it should work. If not please let us know and we will send you a direct download.


  8. hey i really want to use this but i’m using ableton and so i need the 64 bit version i think becouse it does not work right now :(

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