Noizedrumz Vol.2 [nanoloop]

Noizedrumz Vol.2 [nanoloop] for NI Maschine & NI Kontakt.
Gamboy nanoloop samples in high quality.

Noizedrumz Vol.2 is a soundlibrary for Native Instruments Kontakt. All samples were created with a gameboy advanced and nanoloop and are recorded and mastered with a DBX 386, Cubase 5 and Adobe Audition. The samples fit to several electronic genres like Dubstep, Minimal, House, Techno, Drum and Bass, Glitch and others.

  • Noizefield Instruments - Noizedrumz Vol.2 Screenshot
  • Noizefield Instruments - Noizedrumz Vol.1 Cover


  • all samples created with a nintendo gameboy running nanoloop
  • recorded and mastered with DBX 386, Cubase 5, Adobe Audition
  • 918 Samples
  • 24Bit, 44,1kHz, wav, available stereo and mono
  • 6 nki instruments vor Native Instruments Kontakt (v. and above required)
  • 5 nki BooTweak instruments vor Native Instruments Kontakt (v. and above required)
  • 9 drum kits for Native Instruments Maschine
  • ready for Native Instruments Maschine




To realise this sample library it was more work then i´ve ever expected. I really would like to hear what you create out of it. Please give some feedback.

Noizefield is the owner and master licensee of the ‘Noizedrumz Vol.2’ free sample pack. All rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved.
You are allowed to use the samples in any musical production. You may not distribute this sample pack, either in native format or reformatted for use as samples, multi-samples, programs or patches in a sampler, sample playback unit, website or computer. All patches are in Kontakt 4.2 format, and require the full retail version of


Download “Noizedrumz Vol.2 [nanoloop] for NI Maschine & NI Kontakt”
Downloaded 21906 times – 122 MB

COPYRIGHT © 2011 by Noizefield

Special Thanks to:
Paul from for the awesome BooTweak Scipt and all the great presets
Ronnie from for prelistening and support
Mr. Bill from for prelistening
Hitmacher alias L.E.O for alpha testing and creating some demos
Ali alias ALRAY for alpha testing and creating some sounds
Zacksinger for making a saw i´ve never heared ;)
Petr for prelistening and support


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  1. I can’t get noizedrumz vol2 nanoloop to work. It always says Library missing.
    I’ve found a few guides for Missing Libraries. They say to modify an existing .nicnt
    I’ve tried to alter one I got with “REV” but that doesn’t work.

    I can drag in the instruments or use them in Database but it just isn’t the same.
    It also claims it’s a demo version?????? I have Kontakt

    I really would like this resolved. Thank you :) :)

    1. Author


      thanks for wrinting in. i will have a look on it and send a fix/ solution ASAP.

      BR and have a nice day

    2. Author

      Hello Frankf,

      i did upload a new zip with all GUI elements added to the NI Kontak Instruments.
      Please be aware that Noizedrumz Vol. 2 is not a NI Library, so you will not find it in the Library tab and a full version of Kontakt is needed (the Player version will not work).

      have fun.

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  4. Thanks alot for all the free stuff they will sit in my library untill the end of my time and when i find use for them i will donate many thanks, side note you were mean’t to say released not realise spotted that because i pay attention lol.

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        1. Ahhhhhhhh I read now your readme.txt, it says

          „KONTAKT 5 VERSION (2015) | Kontakt v. or above required“

          Mystery solved. It is NOT 4.2, it is 5.4. ?

  6. Hey Noizefield, this is Paul who made BooTweak. BooTweak doesn’t work in Kontakt 5 for reasons unknown, the script behaves erratically and can lead to crashes. It’s Kontakt 4 only. The BooTweak files you’ve included in the download don’t load up for me, were they saved as K5? At any rate, anyone can download the original K4 files from my dropbox:


    1. Ah, from the comment right above mine looks like you’ve saved the patches as K5. So yeah, K4 patches available at my dropbox.

      1. Author

        Hello Paul, nice to hear from you and thanks for the info.

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