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Hello Noizefielderz,
today we’re proud to present you an interview with one of the most popular sample library producers – Function Loops. We’ve talked with Edvin about his company and his interesting future products. There will come also new freebee-packs! Read and enjoy it!
Welcome Edvin to this interview! You’ve got released a lot of sound librarys and collections. Let’s tell our readers something about Function Loops.

Function Loops Label Group LTD is a sound design company, I started in 2011. It was the big start of the market. At the time, I used to produce Psytrance, released 7 albums and over 100 singles, that brought me on gigs around the globe. Somehow, I got connected to a company in Swiss and made my first Psytrance sample pack. There was a nice income from that pack, which led me doing more packs. Royalties kept coming, then I felt the potential of this great market. Quickly, I created Function Loops and started doing various genres, all sounds were made by me, because i had experience in different styles like Techno, House, Electro etc. Function Loops started rocketing and I was all into it. I even stopped the gigs and my DJ career. Shortly, I opened another label called SHARP, exclusive Beatport’s label, which is the top label today on Beatport, taking global charts. After that, followed my fresh label called TD Audio on Loopmasters, in partnership with Industrial Strength Rec. and various other side projects, like mobile music apps and so on.

To tell you the truth, Inever thought sample packs will be so popular these days, it’s a new standard for any producer. Fast workflow and inspiration. Music production doesn’t need to be so hard anymore!

And no, all the production skills I learned myself.

There’s a big concurrence on the sample production market, but your products seems to be really successful. What makes you different from other sound library companys?

Well, the market is growing everyday with new labels coming. I’m not afraid. Function Loops Label Group (all the labels together) has over 250 sample packs out now, which makes a catalog of tens of thousands of files for customers to choose from. We also provide Premium packs, which give our clients a complete solutions for one time purchase. We were on all the global charts on Beatport, Sounds2Sample, Producer Loops, Crypton Media, to name a few. Every sample pack is created with love and passion at highest standard.

You can watch videos about our products right here:
FunctionLoops On YouTube.

But the most important thing is the people, who are our customers. Over the years, i built a tribe of loyal fans. I also made friends, with whom i personally speak everyday. I listen to my customers music and give them tips. Function Loops is not only about samples, it’s way beyond that. Once you get into the inner circle, you will understand.

How much guys are working for Function Loops and what do they do and how much time does it (roughly) take to create a new library?

Today we are a four people team on daily basis and accountant, graphic designer and couple of freelancers & vocalists. 2 sound designers, each is a master in specific genres. I run the company and do ghost production, mix and mastering for clients, no time for packs anymore. My wife is a PR manager and she helps me on various ideas and projects. We manage to do 2-3 sample packs / week (via all labels). Graphic designer works per artwork. So basically, if counting the freelancers – I manage a team of around 10 people.

Which kind of studio equipment do you use/prefer for creating your sound librarys?

We use Spire, Massive, Sylenth, Serum VSTs for software and Virus, Nordlead for hardware. We have all kind of other older stuff, but these are the ones we use most.

Well, let’s talk about your sample library „Future Deep House Vocal FX“, cause I like it very much. What’s the difference to other vocal sample librarys and how did you get such a clear, brilliant voice?

Difference is: there were no other packs like this. I came with this idea to make Future House vocal pack, because i couldn’t find one. Designed especially for the modern deep/future house style. I was working on a project, started looking for these pitched fx vocals, there were none. Maybe today, other labels already did something. The pack ended at top 10 main Beatport charts, Top 1 Vocal charts.

What’s the topseller from Function Loops, and what makes it different to other products from other companys?

We had many topsellers, but the ones i really remember, were all Vocal packs. Function Loops today has the biggest catalog of vocals from any other label out there.

EDM Acapellas With Lokka:

This was the beginning of Vocal packs, this pack was top 1 everywhere (i produced it myself from zero).

Deep & Sexy Acapellas With Tonka:–sexy-acapellas-with-tonka.html

Different kind and color of voice for deeper music, was big hit.

Tropical Deep House Acapellas:

The first ever Tropical House Vocal pack.

Which new products could the Function Loops fans expect next and will you release new free sound packages too, cause they’re really popular, right?

Free Sounds – of course! You never know when we’ll hit you with new free tools :)

New products: you will get everything from everything. Everyday I check for new genres, what’s coming and what’s getting big. Then i make sample packs and give to my clients the most innovative sounds. In the near future we have new Acapellas coming, Twerk, Moombathon, various House sub-genres, Psytrance, Techno and much more.

Wow! That sounds really interesting. It’s incredible, how much sound librarys Function Loops has already released, and always with the finger on the pulse of the times. What is the difference between the SHARP products and the other sample products from Function Loops?

Not much difference actually. Function Loops has more Acapellas and Trance packs. SHARP follows more the Beatport charts and hot artists.

Do you or guys from your team also produce and play music?

Yes, my sound designers release music. I released alot of music myself, but today what’s matter is Sound Design and taking Function Loops beyond imagination!

Function Loops is also offering a lot of other services for the music business, like ghost productions, mastering and logo-design, right? Is it correct when I say Function Loops is not only a sound company it’s more a multimedia-company?

Yes, that’s right. I’m trying to expand to all the possible markets and niches in music business. Besides sample packs, we offer ghost production, which i do myself. Some of my clients playing big events already, that makes me very happy. I do also remixes, mix and mastering myself. Besides that, we offer help for any producer, who needs sounds, vocals or anything else to make their music sound top.

Another new thing we started now is music education (still in works). We partner with Razer, gaming company, for their upcoming education site, updates soon!

Now you’ve got the chance to tell our readers something, that you always wanted to say.

First of all, huge thanks for buying our products and supporting us. We love you!
The main vision of our company, is giving a chance to as many people around the world, experience music creation and art behind it. NOW YOU CAN!

Thanks for taking time to this interview.

More information: Function Loops

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  1. Noizefield interviewing Edvin of Function Loops… nice! Noizefield has introduced me to so many awesome things, and provided an incredible amount of great free stuff, and Edvin GIVES AWAY more high-quality samples than most sample labels SELL. If it wasn’t for Noizefield and Function Loops, I’d have nothing but… well, pretty much nothing haha :) Thank you both very much for what you do! I have nothing but respect and appreciation for both of you.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for writing in and your nice words. “You do support us (by reading our articles and using our stuff in your music)” so dont worry. Comment, Like and spread :)

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