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Talk-Zone #44 Interview with Ghosthack

Welcome Christoph, nice to meet you! You’re the mastermind behind the sample-factory Ghosthack. How did you come to the idea to build up this company and when did you start with Ghosthack?

Hey Carl, thanks for having me!

Actually, I started electronic music production in 2006 and in the beginning I had been using FL Studio 5. I mainly made some downtempo and trip hop stuff for the first few months, until I discovered my interest in drum and bass and later dubstep, which was my music genre of choice for a pretty long time. Around 2008 to 2010 I got several releases on some American dubstep labels like Shift Recordings, 2012 Records and Dubfront Records and a lot of dubstep DJs did play my stuff.

In 2010 I also released my first free dubstep sample pack (100-Dubstep-Samples ) and I was surprised about the very good feedback and the massive number of downloads.

From that time on I published a few more free sample packs and the feedback from the producers and the download numbers were always astonishing. Up to this point, our free stuff has been downloaded around 450.000 times.

Due to this success, a few months ago, I decided to put the whole Ghosthack project on a new level and released some commercial sample and preset packs, with a higher standard of quantity and quality. I also teamed up with my girlfriend to get all this stuff done!

What’s the most difficult part when you create a new sample pack, and how do you get inspired for creating a new one?

Getting inspired in this world with so many creative people making music in so diverse music genres is pretty easy. One thing I am struggling with, though, is naming my samples for ease of use… I sometimes pick random names that come suddenly to my mind when I listen to the sounds.

Which equipment do you use for producing your samples and sounds? Do you have a huge studio-setup with hardware-outboard, or do you only work with software-plugins, or even with both?

I got a few hardware tools like the S4 Mixer from Native Instruments, their Audio Interface Komplete Audio 6, monitors from Syrincs, headphones from Audiotechnica and a nice midi keyboard.

I mainly use software-plugins for synthesizers and effects, although hardware synthesizers might be fun, I don’t see big advantages in using them. Especially Xfer’s Serum is a great new tool for creating original sounds.

The Dubstep Starter Kit is an amazing soundcollection. Tell us something about the content of that pack, please.

It’s our biggest sample pack for now, it features over 1,200 files and has an unpacked size of 1.10GB.
It bundles a lot of our current bestselling packs and has a lot of bonus stuff added to it.

It contains nearly everything what a producer needs to create a nice dubstep track: Lots of different drum one-shots like snares, bass drums, percussions, clicks, tribal and 808 stuff.
You’ll find over 100 presets for NI Massive and over 50 for Serum as well as some other tools for Serum. Over 200 bassline one-shots, 100 pads, fx, risers, vocal samples, glitch sounds and on top of that it includes 2 project files for FL Studio – so yeah it’s a pretty huge pack!

It’s mainly a sound kit for Dubstep, though it also provides the tools to create music in various other genres like Trap, Glitch Hop or Future Bass.

Link: Ultimate-Dubstep-Starter-Kit

You’ve got a lot of freebie packages too, which I really appreciate, like the Free-Vocal-Kit. Which kind of freebies could the users expect in the next future? (only electronic music samples or also acoustic samples maybe?)

Our free female vocal kit had the most downloads after a few days compared to our other free stuff, so a second free part as well as a huge commercial vocal pack will follow soon.
Free Vocal Kit

We got a series of free dubstep and trap sample packs with 6 libraries at the moment, but that will definitely be extended at some point in time.
Dubstep Samples

My DAW of choice is FL Studio, so a free project file with the appropriate samples might follow soon, maybe for a calm chilled dubstep track or something like that. I also think about releasing some free presets for Sytrus that comes with FL Studio.

We will be concentrating mainly on electronic and vocal samples, but have plans to go outside and record some interesting stuff with a mobile micro, I’m a big fan of field recordings in general, they are quite useful sometimes.

Your recent product release is the Serum Bass Patches Pack. What does this package include?

Yeah exactly, we released it just a few days ago.
This pack includes 100 unique Bass Patches for Serum, all of them support 4 macro controls. We created some really techy bass sounds that will fit in modern music productions for genres like Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Future House, Bass House, Future Bass, Trap and Glitch/Neuro Hop.

That library also contains 40 wavetables and 20 LFO shapes, giving you unlimited possibilities to create your own bass sound. Our presets will also teach you a lot of secrets and producer techniques in the creation of bass music with Serum.
Link: 100 Serum Bass Patches

I’ve heard you’re planning some tutorials on YouTube and on your Ghosthack-website, right? What can you say about that, and which interesting content could we expect there?

That is right, I plan to expand our YouTube channel in the next months. There is a lot of stuff I’d like to show – for example, how to create different bass sounds with Serum, how to create nice wavetables for serum or some other tricks for this great synthesizer I learned whilst creating our latest serum preset pack. Tutorials for NI Massive could be quite interesting as well.
Regarding our huge collection of sample packs, I might make a tutorial on how to create a complete track from scratch using them, in the future.

On Ghosthack.de I will be publising some general music producer tutorials like how to promote your music, productivity help, how to set up a website and other stuff like that.

You’ve created an exclusive discount for all the Noizefield readers, right? What do people need to do to get this discount and how much is the discount?

We offer all Noizefield readers a 30% discount off all our products in our sample shop!
They just have to use the following coupon code in the cart to get their discount: NOIZEFIELD30

Additionally, you’ve got a give-away for all the Noizefield readers on Facebook. What can people win and what need people to do to win and for how long is this special give away valid?

We want to give away two of our professional sample packs to three users: Atmospheric Pads, Hats’n’Percs and Snares’n’Claps.

Atmospheric Pads features over 100 ambient pad samples and Snares’n’Claps offers over 100 unique one-shot snare and clap sounds. Hats’n’Percs includes over 200 hihat, percussion and click samples. All of them are pure wav sample packs, so every user can use them regardless which music production software they’re using.

Entering the giveaway is very easy:
People have to follow us on our Soundcloud page.
Ghosthack Soundcloud
Go to the 100 Serum Bass Patches demo track on Soundcloud. (100 Serum Bass Patches)
Repost it, like it and leave a small comment.
That’s it!

We will randomly pick three users on Soundcloud.

The giveaway runs till 30th November 2016.

Atmospheric Pads: Atmospheric Pads
Snares’n’Claps: Snares’n ‘Claps
Hats’n’ Percs: Hats’n’Percs

Now you’ve got the chance to tell our readers something, that you always wanted to say.

I want to leave a huge thanks for all the positive feedback and motivational words from some people in the last weeks and a huge thanks to all our latest customers! We welcome everyone to check out our professional and free sample packs and hope to help them with their music production as best we can.

More information:

Shop: Ghosthack Store
Facebook: Ghosthack @ Facebook
Soundcloud: Ghosthack @ Soundcloud
Twitter: Ghosthack @ Twitter
Instagram: Ghosthack @ Instagram

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  1. I have used some of ghosthacks loops and one shots from his free sample pack and they are of the highest quality. Great sounds for some of the music styles I like to produce.

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