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Talk-Zone #1 Interview with Z3 Audiolabs

Hello guys,

welcome to the new talk-zone at noizefield.com.
In this interview we’ve talked with Rene from Z3-Audiolabs to tell us something about his company.

Hello Rene, welcome to this interview. What was your intension to start with developing own tools and when did you start?
I started around 6 years ago building my own tool with Reaktor, it was just for fun but over the time i was digging deeper and deeper into the development of vst plugins which finally resulted in Z3 Audiolabs.

How long do you work (on average) on a prototype / how much time do you invest to create a new plug-in, and which process makes the most fun to do?
That’s a difficult question, in general I try to build tools which I want for myself and which I can not find on the market sometimes its really easy to get the idea like for scratch it! I just wanted an useful scratch plugin and two months later I did it, Repeat x was very different, it also started with a simple idea to make a beatrepeater for the keyboard which was growing up over the time and so I added different fx to it and finally some multifx plugin was born, it took me around 3 years to build it.The fun part definitely is to test your own plugins in real live and creating your own sound with it. :)

That’s right. And which program languages and utilities do you use for developments?
I’m familiar with some graphical environments like Flowstone, Max/Msp, Reaktor, Puredata and using Ruby, C++ and Assembler.

How much guys are working for Z3-Audiolabs and what do they do?
Its just me – now you know why Z3 audiolabs doesn’t have any fancy, realistic 3D animated GUI’s ;)

What’s the top-seller from Z3-Audiolabs, and what makes it different to other products from other companies?
It’s definitely Repeat x, which is also the most complex plugin, there are two handful of multifx plugins out there, but only one handful which is good for using them live and Repeat x is one of them. I built it because there was no plugin which could offer me all this and is still useful for live acting.

Do you also produce and play music ?
I’m the founder of return 2 zero records – an underground hardtechno label – where I released 3 records, but with Z3 Audiolabs I finished it, because I cannot dance at 2 parties the same time, maybe I’ll get some more time in the future again.

Which interesting plug-ins could the Z3-Audiolabs user expect next?
At the moment, there are no plans of new big projects, the focus lies on the further development of the existing plugins, as you know the plugins are existing only for windows system at the moment and also mac users should have fun with them :) . Beside that, there are already existing prototypes which are no FX but this will be focused after the upgrades for mac.

And which interesting projects could the Z3-Audiolabs user expect next? Is there a plan for an own app?
Lets see what the future brings, to upgrade all existing products for mac really is a big step for now, but there are also some ideas beside vst development.

If I wouldn’t develop plug-ins I wanted to be an…. (astronaut, policeman etc.)
For sure I would be a professional freeskier ;)

Freeskiing! Wow. That’s nice! So let’s come to the end. Now let’s tell our Noizefield-readers something, what you always wanted to say.
Make music with your ears, not with youtube tutorials (or at least not at all) :)

Oh yes, you’re right.. Thank you so much for taking time to this interview.
If you want to get more informations and buy some of those amazing tools from Z3 Audiolabs, just take a look at this hompage.


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