Talk-Zone #12 Interview with Jane Vogue

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Hello Noizefielderz, today we had the chance to talk with the german DJane Jane Vogue about her smashing Single “Paris Latino”. Enjoy it!
Welcome Jane Vogue. You’re actually one of the most promising upcoming DJanes. Tell our readers something about you. Where do you come from and what was your intension to become a DJane, and when did you start with DJing?

I’m from a small town near of Augsburg (Bayern). I’ve started with the DJing in 2010. When I was 18 years old and went into the clubs in my area, I was affected and fascinated from the work of the DJs. My incentive to get behind the decks, was to get this feeling that you can delight people and make them happy with your music. From that point I needed to buy the appropriate equipment and to deal intensively with the music and technology and I needed to exercise very very long, until I got some first chances to play in clubs as a DJane.

„Paris Latino“ is your first single. It’s an unusual mixture of styles and contains latin, house and live-band elements in one track. How did you came to this idea to cover Bandolero?

My musical passion belongs to the international House-, Latin-, and Ibiza sound, and I’m attached to those styles. No matter if I’m listening music for myself or if I’m playing in a club, Musik has to spread good vibrations und needs to affect the people. The actual trend-styles like Vocal-, Deep-, Future- und Tropical House are exactly that what I like, and it assorts well with the summery sound elements and instruments from a band. The original „Paris Latino“ is from 1983 and I knew and loved this track from the record collection from my parents. So I had the idea to put a new spin on it.
There have been other coverversions from „Paris Latino“ already in the past, but any of those tracks have been reflected my favourite style.

Before the promo started we had the highest chart entry from zero to number 11 in the Commercial House Charts and from zero to number 34 in the Dance Charts .

What can you say about the recording process from „Paris Latino“? Has someone helped you with the production, and did you start with the melodies or with beat programming first?
on which label will it be released?

With a common booking last year, I met my colleague Steve Cypress. We got on right very well and I enjoyed the sound of his last singles. I just asked him, if he’s interested in a new interpretation of “Paris Latino” and Steve was directly delighted from that idea. After that we got together with his production partner Pit Bailey in the studio, we started to work out the composing from the melodies and the arrangement with own sounds from the original theme. After finishing the playback we had an amazing singer for the vocals. She already took part in “RTL Supertalent”. None less than Joe Thompson from “Down Low”, whom most of you will know from many euroblack hits of the 90s, has taken over the rap-parts.
When producing this track, it was important for me to preserve the liveband character for the instruments, so that it feels like a mediterranean summer feeling.
For connecting our fasebases and obtaining a wider range, we had the idea to release it as a collaboration track.
On the basis of the extensive contacts from Steve Cypress to other producers, DJ colleagues and labels has been created a record deal to A45 Music in conjuction with DJ Scotty. A45 Music is also the label, where „Paris Latino“ will be released on 4th September 2015.

What can you say about the remixes?

The remixes from „Paris Latino“ are covering all actual trendy styles of music. My own mix is dancable, radio-friendly, commercially, trendy and cares for good vibes and that’s exactly that what makes me up.
The Steve Cypress remix, is a banging Future House mix, with no compromises and punchy beats, dominated by hard synthlines.
The DJ Scotty remix is a groovy, clubby vocal house mix of an international character.
The Sam Grade remix is a chilling Deep House track with trendy tropical sounds.

Let’s tell us something about the video from „Paris Latino“.

We took a simple theme for the video that claims the content of the song: Joy of life, dancing and summerfeeling. We found a nice lake for the video location and we had a lot of fun at the day of shooting, as you can see in the video. You can watch the video right here:
Jane-Vogue – Paris Latino

Your first single has been released now. But what could your fans expect next? (e.g. a mix-compilation, a plan for a next single /follow -up etc…)

Without giving away to much, we can say that there’s a next single in the pipeline with some first ideas and could be released in the beginning of 2016.

Strong and Sexy Beatz is your maxim. Does this concept also reflect your personal character or is it just a slogan for the artist Jane Vogue?

It definitely reflects also my character. My sporty, funky-trendy, buoyant personality, distinguishes me from much other colleagues. I can prevail when I’m single-minded and I’m confident. Strong and sexy isn’t just a slogan – THAT’S ME!
Strong and Sexy is also the name of my podcast radio show, which will be broadcastet regularly on ZerentyFM and Radio 54House. If someone has missed the program, he could also stream the radio show on my Mixcloud channel Jane Vogue.

Actually you’ve got a residence DJ-job, right? Where can people see you playing?

I’ve got a residence in the K-Club in Bissingen every fortnight. But I’m also active as a booking DJane out of Bayern.

Which equipment do you use for your DJ-sets? Do you use a software system or do you play with CDs or even vinyls?

I’m working with Serato DJ, Pioneer CDJs or just with USB Sticks. That’s depending on the event, duration and extent of a booking.

There are a lot of DJs out there, which play music, but the crowd isn’t interested in that and they get bored. But you’re able to electrify the crowd, with your passion, music and fun. How do you do that and what’s the secret behind that?

I think the „secret“ of a DJ is, that he loves what he’s doing. I don’t see an obligation or a job it that, cause it’s just pure passion for me. I think the crowd is feeling my passion and so they get involved with me and my music. I’m investing much time in the musical preparation, to give variety with hot beats from Ibiza, fresh club-tunes and trendy charts for hitting the popular taste in my program.

Now you’ve got the chance to tell our readers something that you always wanted to tell them.

People just need to visit the Jane Vogue Facebook Website to catch the latest news about me and informations about events or productions. The links to my podcasts could also be found there.
On this occasion I want to say thanks to my friends, my family and colleagues for their previous and perpetuate support on my way.

Thank you for taking time to this interview

More information: Jane Vogue on Facebook

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