Talk-Zone #21 Interview with Jay Frog

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Hello Noizefielderz! Today we had the chance to talk with one of the most popular German DJ – Jay Frog. Enjoy reading his funny interview about new projects and releases.
Hello Jay Frog, welcome to this interview! You’re well known as a real showman and not only as a DJ, so you’re not only playing music, you’re really working with the audience and pushing them. Is that the secret for your long career, or what’s you’re advice to young, upcoming DJ-talents, when they also want to start a DJ-career?

During my sets I always imagine how I would dance to that track at that moment, I try to feel the vibe and that´s what I always would suggest: Be authentic and feel the moment. It doesn’t make any sense to me to enter a club at 11:30 and the DJ plays the hardest tracks / hits he was able to find on the Beatport Top 40. So the warm up is very important for the rest of the night! And don´t forget to play in waves, it´s not necessary to push them the hardest way all night long.

You like to play with the big touch-screen-controller Emulator. Is there a difference for you between a „normal“ DJ-gig and a gig with the Emulator? What’s making more fun to work with and how are the reactions to the audience? (maybe the audience can’t hear a difference?)

Oh yes, it´s really good fun and such a great invention. What I love is the immediate control over the track and the effects and that people can really see what the DJ is doing while playing. Check out some videos on my page ! But I wouldn´t say that it is more or less fun to play with the Emulator than with the CDJ Players. I´m pretty fast with them, too ;)

When you’re producing a new track, do you work more on hardware-synths, drum-machines etc. or do you prefer using software-plug-ins for your productions? If you use software, what’s you’re favourite tool?

When I was young I bought a lot of hardware synths like Virus, Supernova, Pulse, a dozen of Roland gear and my beloved sampler by Kurzweil. It was a pain in the ass to write down all the settings on my Mitec Joker analogue mixing console to safe the sound for future editing. I don´t miss that. Nowadays I use software and love the fact that I can work on many productions at a time. I´m working on Ableton but I´m always looking around for the latest programs, I love the plug ins by Image Line, and Bitwig is another great DAW to check out!

You’ve got a spot for covering famous tracks (e.g. Delirium „Silence“, East 17 „It’s alright“, „Tetriz“, „I won’t let you down“ etc..) that might be easier to start with producing a coversong. But a complete new unknown track could be more interesting i think. When you’re working on a new track, do you start with programming the drums first, or do you start with the melodies or the lyrics?

Sometimes I´m cruising in my car while listening to the radio. And sometimes they play a classic tune I like and I think to myself „This needs an update“ .. well. No. Some didn´t. haha. But when I start I always start with the groove. I want to create rhythms that make people dance.

Hahaha. Which release(s) could the Jay Frog fans expect next? (or collaboration releases with Francesco Diaz etc..) What about an Jay Frog artist-album?

I recently released an album with my side project „Sans Souci – Urban Safari“ which is a deep house / chill out album perfect for the beach. And since then I´m thinking of releasing an album with some exclusive tracks and my tracks from the past. There will be a lot of new tracks, I just finished a new track with MC Flipside, another one with Francesco Diaz and there will be a new track with my partner in crime : Sean Finn besides the one with my brother from another mother : Deko-ze from Canada.

You’ve got a sideproject, called Master and Servant in collaboration with Gordon from the Disco Boys. What could people expect next on that front? I haven’t heard much from that, the last months.

Oh yes, Gordon was very busy preparing the next episode of their compilation series. But we already planned the next studio session, besides that we are thinking of a live show.

A lot of Scooter-fans say, that the band had its best years, when you ware a part of them. Is there a chance for a revival with you and Scooter one day? (or maybe for just one gig)

Well. First of all: they are right. hahaha. No. Just kidding. We still are friends and always have a good chat when we see each other. I would be opened for a show for sure as I always loved to be on stage and I´m sure I still could name each person in the first row of a concert. But I think this won´t happen in the near future.

Which tracks are your alltime favorite classics?

1.Solid Sessions – Janeiro; 2.Space Frog – Follow me

Do you’ve got other interesting projects in the future?

Oh yes! Together with my buddy Carl from Noizefield, I will release Wicked, my first VST-synthesizer. Another effect plugin will follow next year and sample- and presetpacks as well.

Thanks for taking time to this interview!

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