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Talk-Zone #25 Interview with Rightsify

Hello Noizefielderz, today we’ve got a very interesting interview partner – Alex from Rightsify! Have you always dreamed to distribute and sell your own music by fair conditions? Now you’ve got the incredible chance to profit with Rightsify. Read more about this interview and use our exclusive Noizefield discount.
Hi Alex, welcome to this interview. You’re the man behind Rightsify. Please explain our readers first, what is Rigthsify? What could people imagine under this service?

Hey Carl, thanks for having me here. So at Rightsify we provide services to music rights holders such as analytics and sample pack distribution. We work with everyone from artists to record labels, music publishers and of course sample pack producers.

How did you came to the idea to build up an own music management platform. Have you got done bad experiencec with traditional distributors or did you get bored from them?

One of my main pain-points in running a record label previously was that accounting statements were only quarterly and it was so hard to understand where sales were coming from just by looking at a spreadsheet. With Rightsify we wanted to build a platform that gives you all the data on all your sales while also getting paid every month, as opposed to quarterly.

What makes Rightsify different/special from other digital distribution platforms?

Well, for the distribution side we focus 100% on sample packs and sounds while most distributors are music-only. While we represent and work with a lot of music we don’t distribute music to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Rightsify looks like a full distribution-service for labels. But could also private homeproducers users join to Rightsify? Maybe someone wants to sell his sounds but he’s not having an own label company. Can he also use Rightsify?

Yes, absolutely. Having an established label or company isn’t a requirement to join Rightsify at all. It is however required by most of the stores to have a label. So if a solo producer wants to join he would just need to create a ‘brand’ name for his/her label that they can sell their products under.

Which kind of soundstuff could people sell and how much titles could be sold max? (e.g. own VST plug-ins, preset banks or sample packs)

We sell all sorts of sounds across pretty much all genres, however a majority of our clients are EDM. We have some labels that focus almost 100% on VST’s like Sylenth or Massive, while others will only release WAV or Midi packs. It all really comes down to the producer and what they prefer to make, and what type of content sells best for them.
The amount of titles sold really depends on the genre, style and of course the quality. Each store also factors in quite a bit, a product that sells a lot at one store might not sell very many at another. We have some labels that make just a few sales per month to others that make well over $1,000 per month.

Let’s talk about the licence conditions. Are ther long-term contracts? If someone is distributing his stuff with Rightsify, will he loose the rights, to distribute and sell it on other platforms too?

We generally work with a one-year licensing agreement for our service, all ownership is kept with the producer so we are simply acting as their representative and distributor.
Our deals are exclusive, however a producer is always free to sell products at their own web store and keep 100% of sales without any involvement from Rightsify.

Actually you’ve got a special discount offer for Noizefield, right? What can you say about that?

We do! For any labels that sign up after reading this article they can keep 90% of sales until December 31st. Just send an email to [email protected] using the code NOIZE90RS’ as the subject line to activate the discount.

Which goals will be aimed for the future? What could the users of Rightsify expect next?

We’re going to continue adding stores to our network for sample pack distribution and explore new ways to release and monetize sounds. We are also going to be rolling out a service soon that helps artists and record labels collect more royalties from their music. We’ll keep you posted on that.

Now let’s tell our readers something that you always wanted to say:

One piece of advice I would give to up and coming producers is to always be diversified in your revenue streams. There’s a lot of talk in the industry about how streaming doesn’t pay enough or that not enough people are buying music so they can’t make a living from music, I think in this day and age it’s just unrealistic to depend solely on streaming and downloads which is why sample packs are a great source of income as is licensing your music for television, film and other forms of media.

Thank you so much for taking time to this interview.
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