Talk-Zone #26 Interview with HighLife Samples

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Hello Noizefielderz, today we’re proud to talk with Mike of HighLife Samples. He told us about his company and actual and forthcoming releases. Check out the special Noizefield discount, too.
Enjoy it!
Acapella Vocals
Acapella Vocals Vol.2
Hi Mike, welcome to this interview. You’re the man behind HighLife Samples. Since how long does your company exist, which services does it contain and what was your intension to start this company? Tell something about HighLife Samples.

HighLife Samples was established in December of 2011. I decided to open the samples label after I quit DJing in 2010. I was working as a music producer and DJ since 1999, but i wanted to move a step forward and share my music knowledge with other people with the same interests. From 2011 we have seen our business grow, opening 3 sub-labels all under the HighLife Samples umbrella. Two are Beatport exclusive labels, Big Sounds and Nucleus Samples. Except presets and samples, we offer ghost production services for DJs.

How much guys are working for HighLife Samples, and what do they do?

HighLife Samples has partners for the artwork covers and for sounds. We don’t have people that work exclusively for us, but we choose to work with some talented sound designers and producers.

When you or your team are creating a new sample collection, which kind of equipment do you use for the recording process and will the samples also be mastered with outboard-equipment before the release?

Personally I use software synths like Native Instuments Massive, Sylenth, Spire for the sound design process, then many other effect plugins like reverb, delays, eq, compressors e.t.c to get the sound I want.

HighLife Samples has released a new amazing sample pack „Acapella Vocals Vol.2“ for Planet Samples. The demo preview soundsnippets sounds very interesting. For which styles could those vocals be mainly used?

Acapella Vocals Vol.2 is the second in the series, following Acapella Vocals Vol.1. Both packs have a great selection of vocals and are suitable for many dance genres. I recommend these vocals for any dance producer who wants to have already processed vocals, wet and dry, for their projects. Or for those who want to experiment with vocals, these vocals are definitely worth having.

HighLife Samples has got different sublabels, right? What is the difference between Highlife Packs, Planet Packs, Big Sound Packs and Nucleus Packs? Which products could the HighLife Samples-fans expect next?

As I mentioned before, Big Sounds and Nucleus Samples releases are exclusive to Beatport. HighLife and Planet Samples releases are available in many online shops. It is worth mentioning that all releases from all labels are also available through our HighLife Samples website
Planet Samples releases focus on Vocal packs and piano melodies. Highlife Samples releases are more into trancy sounds, DAW Templates and many other dance stuff. For the Nucleus Samples releases you can find sample packs at low cost but with the same excellent quality you might find on releases from the other big labels. Big Sounds focuses on EDM and Big Room Samples.

You’re offering also other kind of service like a ghostproduction service. Which services are included in a ghostproduction and which kind of quality could people expect for a ghost production track? (recording, mixing, mastering?)

In our ghost producing service, we do our best to satisfy our customers that entrust us with producing their track. We have continuous communication with our customers during the production stage to share ideas and to get as close as possible to a track that our customer is satisfied with. Each customer has a different music taste. Before we start a track we suggest to customers to send us 2-3 tracks that they liked. From these tracks we can actually understand the style of the customer and also for us if we can do something that are similar in to these tracks.
Mixing tracks is something that we also offer. Many of our ghost production tracks have been played by known DJs like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk, Above and Beyond and many others.

Do you’ve got some references of your ghostproductions?

Unfortunately I can’t give any names or track titles because the copyright for the tracks are belong to the customers as an artists.

Now let’s tell our readers something that you always wanted to say.

I would like to thank all our customers for their trust in our sounds and who continue to buy our packs. We would like to give a special 20% Discount for Acapella Vocals Vol.1 and Acapella Vocals Vol.2 for all the readers by entering the Code: noizefield when checking out their purchases on our website.

Thank you so much for taking time to this interview.

More information: HighLife Samples

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