Talk-Zone #28 Interview with DBN

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Hello Noizefielderz, today we had the chance to talk with the DJ-trio DBN from Hamburg about their new single, the beginning of their DJ career and their wishes. Enjoy reading it!
Welcome guys from DBN. You’re a well-known DJ team and producer team. Introduce yourself to our readers, where you are coming from and tell them about your intension to start with the turntablism.

We are Djani, Patrick & Tobias – three artists, producers & djs from Hamburg (Germany). We met each other ages ago, each of us already infected by turntablism, at a studio of a common friend and had two really funny days & nights producing a track together with no idea that this will be the beginning of something very special.

You’ve got a new single together with Tank & Cheetah, called „Trust“. It’s a real punchy Future House track with very nice vocals. What can u say about the production, the vocal recording process and are there also remixes available for that single?
Tank & Cheetah x DBN - Trust (feat. The Rise)

To be honest the production and vocal recording process was quite unspectacular, as we didn’t worked together with Tank & Cheetah in a studio. The boys came up with an idea and the beautiful vocal by The Rise. We got everything via email and worked on the track in our studio. So unfortunately we never met in person yet. The Label, Mixmash Deep, is working on a remix release, but we couldn’t tell you remixer names yet. ;)

Which releases could the DBN fans expect next?

We just signed a record to Sirup Music (Label of EDX) called “Bambus”. This will probably the next single. Beside this one we have two more tracks ready. There will be a lot of new DBN stuff coming out within the next month, as we´re quite busy at the moment – which is super cool!

Some of your tracks have been done in collaboration with other artists. If you could choose a collaboration with an artist of your choice, with which artist do you want to work together?

It´s defo Axwell! It was already a huge honour to remix his smasher “Heart is King” some years ago! He is THE king: such a talent, always true to himself and always reinvent himself over the years. Moreover we’re huge fans of Laidback Luke, he’s always fresh & fascinating!

Which equipment do you use actually for your DJ-sets? Do you also use a software systems like Serato or Traktor, or are you only playing CDs?

We only use Rekordbox ready USB-sticks for our sets.

When it will become summertime again that means for DJs festivaltime. On which festivals can people see and hear you live playing 2016 and which gig was the best gig you’ve ever played?

Yeah, tricky question cause there excisting a lot of cool festivals outside, but we think our two Tomorrowland gigs in 2012 and 2014 were our absolutely highlights so far. But also festivals like Nature One, Parookaville oder Ruhr in Love are outstanding ones and we cross our fingers that we´ll get the opportunity to play these special ones also in 2016 like we did it in 2015.

When you’re producing a new track or a remix, which kind of equipment do you use? Are you working only with hardware or software or a mixture of both and which tool or plugin is your favourite one?

We are working with hardware and software (50/50). We still do the mixdown & mastering on analog gear and do use a lot of outboard to process the sound. For the programming we use Logic X and there are too many favorite plugs to be mention. It would go far beyond the scope of the interview… ;)

Our alltime favourite- classics are:

1. Take That – Never Forget (no kiddin´)
2. RMB – Redemption
3. Quincy Jones – Ai No Corrida
4. Swedish House Mafia – Leave The World Behind
5. Kid Alex – Young Love

Now you’ve got the chance to tell our readers something that you always wanted to tell them.

To all of you out there doing music or any other kind of creative activity, always believe in yourself, have fun in what you are doing and finally stay to yourself! This helps us a lot!

Thanks for taking time to this interview.

Thank you!


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