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Talk-Zone #4 Interview with Tek’it Audio


Hello noizefield-fans, welcome to the talk-zone at noizefield.com. We’re proud to talk with Michaël from Tek’it Audio to look a little bit behind the scenes from this small french company.

Hello Michaël, welcome to this interview. What was your intension to start with developing own tools and when did you start?
I started to create my own plug-in around 2007/2008 because I thought it was fun to use in my music the tool I designed. At the time I developed four plug-ins, two effects and two synthesizers. Two years later I decided it was time to share my creations with the world, to make something and then give that to the people who make music. I founded Tek’it Audio and one of this four plug-ins was released publicly, it was Genobazz.

How long do you work (on average) on a prototype / how much time do you invest to create a new plug-in, and which process makes the most fun to do?
I can’t give you an average, from one project to another this can greatly vary. The most fun for me is when I launch a DAW and test something I just coded. It’s the best part of the work when you see and hear it working.

Oh yes, that’s the same thing that happened to me. And which program languages and utilities do you use for developments?
Mainly C++ but other languages are involved and numerous software are used in the development of our products. In the past we used to use Synthedit to help us develop our plug-in, with the support of our own modules in C++ we achieved great results but we wanted to go farther.

How much guys are working for Tekit-Audio and what do they do?
Currently me, but Tek’it Audio is more than just me. From time to time I rely on freelancers to help on specific tasks and that’s without forgetting the tremendous help provided by testers and preset designers.

What’s the top-seller from TA, and what makes it different to other products from other companies?
Our best seller is undoubtedly Badass our distortion multi-effect. You find nothing like it on the market, it’s very flexible and can be a lot of thing. There is this very complete modulation system where each control can have it’s one envelope follower, MSEG or LFO add to this the effect sequencer and this give you a powerful tool to create pretty extreme distortion. I think this is what users love in this plug-in.

Do you also produce and play music ?
Yes I produce electronic music in a variety of genres and used to play it live thought I have not much time left lately to devote myself to it. For me nothing is more satisfying than making music and tools to produce it.

Which interesting plug-ins could the Tekit-Audio user expect next?
We are focusing our efforts on porting some of our older plugins to Mac OS X and 64bit but we have still a lot of new project in the works and some of them will see the light this year. Also we are in the process of porting Uinku Distortion Unit to Rack Extension format and are expecting to release it this summer.

Great! That seems to be interesting tools. We’re keen on it to see and test it here. And which interesting projects could the Tekit-Audio user expect next? Is there a plan for an own app?
The next big thing is the new website which is in development since a couple of time, a huge improvement for our users.
We are working on a mobil app but I can’t say much right now. Stay tuned.

If I wouldn’t develop plug-ins I wanted to be an…. (astronaut, policeman etc…)
Astronaut without a doubt.

Haha. So now a final word: Tell something what you always wanted to say, to all the Noizefield readers.
Never stop to make some noise!

That’s a nice final remark. Thank you so much for taking time to this interview.

If you want to get more informations and buy some of those amazing tools from Tek’it Audio, just take a look a this new relaunched hompage.

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