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Talk-Zone #37 Interview with Andorfine Records

Welcome Dirk! You’re the man behind the german label Andorfine Records and the artist Crew 7. Let’s talk a little bit about Andorfine Records. When did you start with the label and with producing and what makes this label special too other labels?

We’ve started in the year 2000. There are a lot of good independent record labels in Germany, but Andorfine releases and reflects exactly that sound that we like personally.

Which kind of music genres does Andorfine Records support?

Andorfine releases all kinds of dance music. It’s important that each song convinces the team of Andorfine.

Actually you’ve released a new single in cooperation with Jane Vogue, called „Conga“. What can you say about this single and how did you come to the idea to cover the legendary smash-hit of Gloria Estefan?

Crew 7 and Jane Vogue have already covered some latino classics, so it was obvious to use „Conga“ for the next single. Conga is an evergreen song, which turns back to the clubs with new mixes.

Crew 7 has got a flavour for classic smash-hits like „Money for nothing“, „Eye of the tiger“ „Get this party started“ and now „Conga“. Is it easier for you to cover a popular song than producing a completely new one?

We’re just covering songs for Crew 7 that we like at ourselves, and topics which could be used very good in our DJ-sets. That’s why we create new versions of them, to make them usable for a club. Due to the fact that we don’t believe in bootlegs, we decided to create legal and official singles in cooperation to the original authors. We’re not sampling, we’re recording the instruments completely new.
Of course, we’re also writing our own songs and we had already different international clubhits with self-composed songs like „Wild“, „Shawty wanna ride“, „Give into the bass“ and „Dancehall Queen“.
It’s a mixture of self-composed songs and coversongs, that maintains the fun to our work in the studio since twenty-two years.

Andorfine Music has got a lot of artists in it’s portfolio, like Crew 7, Sunrider, Melbourne Bounce Project, Danzel, Tony T, Kim Leoni, Cayenna, Brisby & Jingles and much more. Which new singles and remixes could the fans of your artists expect next?

Here’s a brief insight to our forthcoming releases:
Brisby & Jingles are working on a new single.
Crew 7 will release a new single with Kim Leoni on their new album.
Shortly, there will be a new Danzel-single at Andorfine.

Which record is the most successful record of Andorfine Records yet?

These are the bestseller-singles of Andorfine in the last three months.
1. Crew 7 – Bounce
2. Verona – Endless Day
3. Crew 7 – Suavemente
4. Marco Tolo & Jean Pearl – Stronger
5. Terri B! – I’m coming Back

The most successful records at Andorfine ever:
1. Cascada – Everytime we touch
2. Cascada – Miracle
3. Crew 7 – Eye of the tiger
4. Sunrider – The Bomb
5. Brisby & Jingles – L‘ Amour Toujours

Which kind of equipment do you use for your Crew 7 tracks. Do you create your tracks just with software DAWs and plugins or do you also use hardware-outboard equipment?

We’re working with Cubase, a lot of plugins, sample packs and our own homemade indispensable compressor, that we build twenty years ago. We’ve got some analog equipment too, but we’re just making a little use of that.

If some of our readers are interested to send a demotrack to Andorfine Records, do you listen all to them, and how could they send it to you?

We’re listening to every demo. Simon is the A&R Manager at Andorfine. People could send demotracks to: [email protected]
Depending on how many demos we get, it could be that it takes one or two weeks till me reply. Andorfine get more than 30 demos each day!

How did you came to the idea to call the label Andorfine?

Our music should make fun, that’s why our name is similar to the hormone of happiness (Endorphins). We’ve changed this way of writing, to register the name as a trade mark.

Now you’ve got the chance to tell our readers something that you always wanted to tell them.

If you want to be successful, just do what you enjoy. You can only be good, if you have fun with that what you do. Money may not be your motivation for your work. You will only have success, if you have fun with that what you do. If you have success, the money will follow, but if money is your main target, you won’t have success.

Thanks for taking time to this interview.
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