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Talk-Zone #53 Interview with Funky House Brothers

Welcome René and Daniel to this interview. You’re a well known DJ duo from Austria since many years. Let’s talk about your beginnings. How you have become acquainted and when did you start together as a DJ duo?

Hello Carl. For the first time, we want to thank you for talking to you. We started the projekt “Funky House Brothers” in the end of 2012. The beginning was very funny. We’ve known each other since our youth. After several years we had not seen, we were randomly booked the same night in the same club. We decided to play a B2B set this night. Immediately we noticed that we were very well musically harmonized. In this night we knew that we have to start a project together.

Recently you’ve released your great single „I wish“. How did you came to the idea to produce this track and what’s the message of this song?

The idea or better the template for the song delivered the life. My wife was in winter for three weeks working abroad. The song is about the desire for love. The desire to have in common.

I’ve seen and heard that „I wish“ has got also a lot of remixes. Which kind of genre does they reflect and which remix is your favourite remix?

We could win many remixers for this track. It was important for us to be able to use different genres. The song should be accessible for every taste of the people. There is no favorite. Every remix is special for us in its own way.

Which kind of releases could the fans of The Funky House Brothers expect next?

We are maintained our progressive house style. We do not want to reveal too much yet, but the next song is already finished. This time we got male support for the vocals. The sound will remember you of Swedish House Mafia.

„I wish“ has got also a nice video. Where have you casted the clip and did you enjoy it? Tell us about your impressions, please.

The video shooting was casted at Stift Melk, an old traditional church in the beautiful Mostviertel in Lower Austria. It was a very funny but cold shooting. We chose the location because of the view. The distance should reflect the distance to his partner. Also we would like to bring back the joy of life and the funny way of life to you. The live scenes from our shows you will see in the video should bring back the feeling party and happiness. The feeling you will get when your partner is back at you.

Lets talk about your DJing career. Do you love to play a DJ-gig in small clubs on would you enjoy a huge crowd at a festival much more. Which kind of gigs do you prefer?

For this question there will be no gerneral answer. Each gig has it’s own mood. A great gig is defined by the energy of the people and not of the number of people. Our goal is to take people on a journey far away from reality. If the people get involved, then it does not matter if it is a small or a big crowd.

Which kind of equipment do you use for your gigs? Do you play with CDs, USB-sticks, a computer system like Serato Scratch and Traktor or do you even like to play with vinyls?

We play our shows with USB-Sticks. A USB-Stick is the small luxury of 10 Vinyl bags but only a little weight. We have no playlist. Each night is different because of the people. In this way it is important for us to have enough tracks with us. A USB-Stick is the best way for this.

Where can people see you the next time/months live?

In march, we are still diligent in the studio to produce our next songs. From April it starts with the summer season for us. We play three to four shows every month. Our shows will be all over Austria. Starting this summer also in Germany, Poland and Italy. All appointments are always updated via Facebook.

You are DJs since many years. But how did you came to the idea to start a career in producing music with own tracks and how have you learned the production skills?

It is important as an artist to define oneself. The best way to do this is to produce your own songs. With your own productions you have the possibility to go creatively on a musical journey. This is also very important for us.

What can you say about your studio equipment? Are you working with software or hardware outboard gear (or a combination of both maybe?)

In our way we produce all tracks since we started in the same way. We have a little „bedroom studio“. We preproduce all our tracks in this homestudio. For this we are using Ableton Live. We play piano, bass guitar, electro guitar for ourself. We also do the vocal recording in our own studio. When we finish our preproduction we go to our producer an finish the whole track in his studio. He uses soft and hardware alike.

Now you’ve got the chance to tell our readers something that you always want to say.

At first…
Thanks for your time Carl!
We would like to say thank you to all fans and supporters out there. You give us every weekend the energy to go this way also in the future!
Do not dream your life, live your dreams! Believe in youself!

Thanks for taking time to this interview.
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