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Talk-Zone #6 Interview with Wormland Music

Hello Noizefielderz,

today we had the chance to talk with Francesco Diaz from the electronic-music label Wormland Music.


Francesco, you’re the label-owner of Wormland Music and a producer and a DJ too. What is the most interesting work for you? Working in the studio, in the office or playing in a club?

First of all, I´m not the owner of Wormland Music, I’m the label-manager. Wormland Music belongs to Womland, the biggest men’s fashion retailer in Germany :-) I love the mix of all these things I do. Being in the studio all the time, or only working in the office, could be super boring, as well as traveling and DJing every weekend.

What was your intension to start with Wormland-Music? Did you get sick and bored from the majors when you started it?

It’s good to be independent and you can control the records and activities of your label. In the past I had some really uncool experiences with major companies and YES, this was for sure one intensions to start Wormland Music. The second thing for me was, that we have with Wormland and the 17 stores they are running, a really cool and powerful tool, to promote our music and help our new and young artists, to get more attention.

Some of the wormland tracks are really unusual, like your song, where you covered the national hymn from England / United Kingdom. Such tracks will be kept in mind of the people. How did you came to this crazy idea?

Man, sometimes better not to ask about ideas like that. I think (as I can remember) all started in the studio with Jeff and the 1st Vodka Red Bull at 11h in the morning…. hahaha

Jay Frog and Eric Smax have been released two singles on WM-White already („Human Life“ and „Come and take it“) Is there a chance for a forthcoming album from them or from Laut & Leise or from you Francesco Diaz?

I’m not really involved in the project from Jay & Eric, so I have no idea, what they are planing for the future. What I can tell you definitley is, that the “Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels” artist album is coming in September and “Laut & Leise” are planing their album for 2016.

Wow, two forthcoming albums from you and Laut Leise. That will be surely interesting. Do you use software-plug-ins in your productions (and if you do, what are your favourite tools) or are you just an hardware-freak?

Yes of course! Most wanted in my studio are “Massive” and “Spire” at the moment.

What are the forthcoming Wormland-releases?

I’ve just finished a new single “The DJ Is Calling”, together with “Jay Frog” and “David Costa”, which will be released end of June and the new “Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels” single, “Three And One” will be also out before the summer.

Which projects do you plan in the near future (e.g. a wormland label night, an own wormland-event-app etc….)

We are planing one label night for the autumn this year, but that’s it for the moment. It’s so much work, to organize things like this in regular terms and we’ve decided to spend our manpower more on the label and our artists.

What’s the difference between the labels WM-Black, WM-White and WM-Gold? Maybe not everyone of our users understands it.

OK, here you go……

WM-Black is more EDM and Progressive
WM-Gold is more House and Deep-House
WM-White is our artist album label, where we release “albums only” from all kind of electronic genres. We just released the new “Steen Thottrupp – Filmatica” album and before the new album from “Ganga”, a well-known producer in the “Lounge”, “Electronica” and “Chill-Out” corner.

Do you listen to demos and if you do, what must a track make special, to have chance being signed at Wormland?

Yes of course! We always try to listen to mostly allDemos we get, what is sometimes not so easy, because it’s something between 30- 50 a day. If the team can shake their asses, the track is perfect for Wormland….hahaha! You can send your demos to:


For the finish: Let’s tell our readers one or more secrets, that people didn’t knew before about your artists or label.

There are no “real” secrets about Wormland Music. Everybody who likes what we do, is invited to send us demos, because we are always looking for new, young talents. Also as I mentioned before, if it’s electronic music, we are on top looking for artist albums and it doesn’t matter, if the producers are well-known or not, as long as the music is pretty cool!

Thank you for taking time for this interview. Get more information here:

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