Talk-Zone #60 Interview with Smokey Loops

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Welcome to this interview Pisapia Simone. You‘re the mastermind behind your sound and samples company Smokey Loops. Let‘s introduce yourself how you did start with the business?

Good morning.I am Pisapia Simone the owner of the Smokey Loops. The Smokey Loops was set up in Italy in 2015. Before starting up my company, I had different work experiences in the music field and music industry.

You‘ve got a versatile product portfolio of your sample packs for electronic music producers, right? Tell us about the genres which you are offering, please.

The Smokey Loops offers to its customers a great range of products. It includes:
Future Bass
Deep House
HipHop – Trap
Melbourne Bounce
Tropical House

How much peoples are working at Smokey Loops? Are there sounddesigners, graphic designers for the covers, marketing experts etc.. or is it a one-man company?

There are two people who work at Smokey Loops continually, but we recruit more expertise workers, such as: graphic designers or marketing experts when we are in need of them.

If you produce a new sample collection, which kind of equipment do you use to create the sounds? Hardware, software or a combination of both?

The equipment we use at our company are both hardware and software.

Windows 7
Fl Studio 12
VSTs: Spire , Serum , Sylenth , Nexsus, Kontakt
Scheda audio: ROLAND CAPTURE
Preamp: FOCUSRITE Is One
Monitors: KRK VXT8
Controller: SPL Creon Black
MIDI: M-Audio
Analog: Moog Analog Synthesizer, KORG MS20, Novation Mininova

Will all the samples be mastered (e.g. with outboard-equipment) before they get published?

Of course every sample is masterized and equalized with accuracy before being published.

You’ve released a very interesting, brandnew collection „Deep House Spire“. Please explain which kind of sounds are included in this preset-collection and could they only be used for Deep House?

In our collection we have created sounds and presets for Spire Vst, including voices, bass, synth, mid, arp, oneshots, drum loops. Our present collection can be used for all musical genres.

How do you get inspired to create new sounds? Do you have got some idols to reproduce their sounds or how do you do that?

The structure of the Smokey Loops is accurate and detailed, and to be honest we don’t have any inspiration or idols. On the contrary, people who are fond of music can take inspiration by our team.

Which new freebees could we expect and which commercial sound stuff will be released in the next future?

We have planned to release several kinds of products weekly.

If someone has created an own sample pack and wants to publish it at Smokey Loops. Is there a chance to distribute und sell it by Smokey Loops?

Yes, of course. The Smokey loops is in constant search for new talented producers. For demos and infos you can send us your materials to [email protected]

Now you‘ve got the chance to tell us something that you always want to say.

First of all, we want to thank all our customers and all the people who visit our website. We are really glad to receive a substantial amount of visits daily, and satisfied with the results we have obtained since the beginning of our start up until today.


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