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Talk-Zone #68 Interview with checkpoint.DJ


Welcome Ruwen to this interview. You‘re the founder of Checkpoint DJ. Please explain to our readers what Checkpoint DJ is.

Checkpoint.DJ is a fair specially designed to the needs of a DJ. It does not matter if you are mobile, in a club or even producing songs. Every DJ should feel addressed.
Of course, we present topics that are Important to any DJ, but we also take care of topics that you do not directly think about. For example, we have many technical advertisers, but we also give an overview of self-admiration, insurance and many other tools. This is very different from the usual exhibitions, because we offer extensive opportunities to evolve.

Ruwen Prochnow

How did you came to the idea to build up and organize such a DJ-Meeting?

We had the opinion that there is no comparable event at least in German-speaking countries, where every DJ can inform and educate accordingly. We wanted to change that and implement it ourselves, because we also had the necessary contacts in the industry and were able to persuade other people and companies of this concept

Checkpoint DJ is also offering a lot of workshops too, right? Which kind of workshops can people expect?

As already mentioned, we want to give the DJs a good opportunity to evolve and for that we have set up a very big program. The fair is called Checkpoint.DJ and we offer the guests many smaller checkpoints, where you can get the knowledge. The topics for these checkpoints are: Learning, Marketing, Sound, Light, Practice, Producing and Skills. Individual topics include moderation, self-marketing, DJ software, song production, lighting control, sound area, music libraries and much more. In total there will be 70 different lectures and workshops on both days.

Well that sounds interesting, Is it absolutely necessary to be a professional DJ or can also forthcoming and interested newcomer DJs join this event?

It is very important to us that every DJ feels addressed. We have been very careful to offer a wide range of topics. Of course, newcomers want a good introduction to a new topic or have many questions for the individual exhibitors. Newcomers of today are the professionals of tomorrow, so we look forward to every visitor no matter how long he already works.

Which kind of new products will be introduced?

Visitors expect many new lights and speakers from the manufacturer. But a real highlight will of course be the long-awaited hardware and software from Native Instruments. Music will feature the latest additions from AKAI, Rane and Denon.

Is there a chance for the visitors to try out and exercise on the brand new products?

The chance is definitely there. It is very important to us as the organizer, but also to the exhibitors that you can thoroughly test every product.

Checkpoint DJ has got a lot of cooperations and exhibitors. How much brands are available and can you name a few of the exhibitors?

We are really proud that we can present more than 50 different brands this year. We are very happy to be able to present the most important brands to the DJ equipment with Pioneer DJ, Rane DJ, AKAI, Denon DJ, Native Instruments and Numark.

Tell us something about the basic facts, like the location, opening times and the prices of the tickets?

The location this year is the City Hall of Bielefeld. It is a really beautiful hall that has a size of 3600m². Our guests can reach the location from the train station in a few steps.
We open on both days at 10 clock and you can buy a ticket directly on the spot for 29 €. If you want to save money, you can conveniently use the advance booking through our website (www.checkpoint.DJ). There you will also find all information about the exhibitors and workshops.

I‘ve heard that you‘re doing an exclusive give away for the Noizefield readers, which allows our readers to win a ticket, right?

Yes, just drop us an email to [email protected] until 28.10.18. We will draw 2 lucky winners and send tickets then.

You‘re also acting as a DJ. What is the secret to become a sucessful DJ?

It depends on your focus: If you want to be a Club DJ, you need good mixing skills and you need to know the hottest tunes. When you work hard on your skills and a lot of practice, it is just a matter of time until you´ll be sucessfull. Nobody starts with thousands of fans in front of your DJ booth, if you can read a small crowd and turn them up, you will reach more people little by little.
If you want to be an event DJ, mixing is not that important in my opinion. It matters how you can turn up the crowd with all kind of music and also with the mic. For weddings you need to know a lot of different musicstylez and ceremony things. Also, like the club DJ you need to read the crowd to be sucessfull. That is the most important thing, I guess 

More info here: checkpoint.DJ

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