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Talk-Zone #71 Interview with Eurovercity


Welcome Felix. You are the booking agent of the brandnew upcoming festival Eurovercity. Please explain our readers what is Eurovercity and what‘s your vision?

Eurovercity is not only a festival - it is a vision. The vision of a united Europe, where people from different nations get together to stand up as the „Generation Europe“. A vision shared by a majority of young people, but that doesn’t find enough voice in the public lately. With a view on recent developements like the Brexit, the conflict in Ukraine or a rise of right-wing populism, we want to show that Exchange and Solidarity always brings a higher profit than a policy of demarcation. At Eurovercity participants can not only get to know and love each other, but they are also enabled to share their thoughts and opinions in order to understand the problems of one another and to develope ideas for a greater Europe. Different cities represented by their Universities and Students as well as artists, DJ’s and in the first place the participants coming together and building a great common whole: „Euro“, „Divercity“ and „City“ constitute the Eurovercity.

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What is the difference of other festivals?

In contrast to other festivals Eurovercity isn’t only about music. It’s focusing more on an cultural and informative interchange between the participants which are gathering from the different regions all over europe. Furthermore there will be a discourse over the most important topcis regarding the future of our continent. Therefore the Festival provides a broad program consisting of talks and workshops on exciting topics, exhibitions of scientific projects and even a cinema for indie movie projects. Within this framework the festival guests can exchange views and argue with each other. Community is formed by shared experiences and shared memories but even more by collaborative projects. That’s why we are looking forward to welcome many guests and contributors from all over Europe.

The location is the airport Großhain near Dresden (Germany). Why did Eurovercity choose that location?

First of all the area at airport Großenhain provides the best conditions for our production as we can realize our idea freely. More than this we as a young team are good connected in Dresden and it’s surrounding area. In Dresden there are many committed people that are open for new projects. Furthermore Dresden is located at a very central point in Europe. As we are measuring Europe from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural and from North Cape to Sicily. In Addition Dresden with it’s Airport (DRS) and train connections has a good accessibility.

Which kind of music genres will be represented?

As already said our goal is to reflect the cultural diversity of Europe and that’s why there will be a variety of music genres at the festival. With artists from Techno/ Elektro over Indie/ Rock to Pop and HipHop everybody can find it’s style. We want work with artists that share our vision and feel related to what the festival stands for.

There are different stages at the festival. Tell us something about the stages and the artist which will play.

At the festival there will be 3 Stages. On the Mainstage Bands and Live Acts from many different European Countries will play Alternative Rock, Indie and Pop. One stage is especially designed for Students. A third stage is the Techno/ Elektro Stage which will be created by a crew from Halle named Station Endlos. On this stage DJs from different Crews will come together.


I‘ve heard that Eurovercity is not only a festival, there will be a lot of workshops too, like a DJ-Workshop for learning the basics of DJing, right?

Yeah, Workshops are also a big part of the festival. Like I already told you we want to provide a platform for interchange not only on a cultural level but also informative. Therefore workshops are a great possibility to learn new skills or competences and to deal with topics you may have never thought about before. One of the many workshops that will be taking place indeed is a DJ Workshop, to get participants to know the basic techniques and the equipment needed to start DJing. The best two DJs of the workshop will have the chance to play live at Eurovercity. Other workshops will touch on topics like environmental sustainability, social equality or technological evolution.

When will the ticket sale start, how much does it cost, and what do people get for that?

The ticket sale has been started at the platform tixforgigs.com. The tickets will cost about 70€ and includes free camping. Furthermore you can be part of our crowdfunding campaign on Startnext here. https://www.startnext.com/eurovercity/

There you can also get yourself a ticket as well as some more specials with which you can support the project.

Is there a chance for students to represent their own university and projects and how can students be actively involved to do that?

Eurovercity is a forum in whose context the exchange of information and culture should be actively driven by the participants. Everybody is empowered to represent their Region, Hometown or University by creating their own project. We are open to every idea that is brought to us and will try everything to put it into reality together with you. We are thankful for every support! Supporter and Sponsors can show at the festival itself that they share our vision and the values behind the project. Apart from that you can become part of the Eurovercity e.V.

How did you came to the idea to initiate such an unusual festival?

We started this project because racism and nationalism, right-wing populism and a deep misunderstanding between European nations are not problems from the past but present and contemporary issues. Eurovercity is our vision for the future to be created by our generation that has grown up in a union without borders. With Eurovercity we want to set a clear mark against these recent developments. It’s time to stand up for the values that are the foundation of a united Europe: Peace, Freedom and Solidarity.

Thank you very much for taking time to this interview.

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