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Talk-Zone #74 Interview with Renraku


Welcome Kaya to this interview. You're the mastermind of the experimental music label Renraku. Let's tell us something about the idea behind of Renraku. Do you have a music background, what was your intention to start a business in the music scene?

Hey thanks for having me here. I’ve been producing music since I was about 16, I got into music production through my love of Drum and Bass, while slowly branching out into other genres. Around 2015 my friends and I had this notion of a certain sonic identity and sound around music coming from a lot of different producers on soundcloud and after reaching out to quite a few of them we quickly decided to create a label to showcase this sound. None of us really had any connections to anyone in the music industry, and initially we were just selling EPs on bandcamp. We slowly built up a following and met a lot of artists all of us really looked up to. Around 2018 we decided to venture into the world of sample pack and preset pack production given our affinity for sound design, and we quickly realized that this was another great avenue for us to explore our creative freedom and help shape the sonic identity of the label.


You're offering different preset packs for the synthesizer plugin Serum. Tell us about the best packs and whch kind of sounds could be expected?

I think for any producer looking for intense, seriously heavyweight sounds the go-to packs in our catalog are Vellum - Bass Technology (volumes 1 &2) and Yokaze - Serum Presets, those three packs contain bass patches, leads, and fx that are unparalleled. Our Cinematic Synthwave collection also contains a wide variety of…. cinematic and ambient sounds perfect for pads, stingers, and fills etc.


Is there a plan to create expansion packs also for other plugins in the future?

We’re always looking for new avenues to explore. Right now everyone has been really into phaseplant as it is such a versatile synth- I think that might be something worth looking into. :)

Renraku has got also a lot of sample packs. For which kind of genres are they suitable?

When we go into development on these we try to think of a specific genre in mind and how we can put our spin on it. Some of the obvious ones are Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Halftime, Neurofunk, Trap, Hiphop, and Lofi. We’re always looking for new opportunities in different genres as well. We’ve really taken a liking to making hip hop packs lately because the drums are so good and versatile for a variety of genres.


Who's gonna produce these sample packs and which kind of studio equipment will be used for it?

We work with a wide range of producers all over the world, equipment varies greatly. Some people have fully fleshed out studios with thousands of dollars of modular synths and analog hardware, some people just use their laptop and headphones. It varies!

Tell us something about the artist of Renraku and their work.

We work with a broad spectrum of producers but I think a common thread that ties everyone together is the attention to detail when it comes to sound design. Some people are meticulous about creating the perfect drum breaks, others use their massive knowledge of synthesis to create beautiful leads, crushing basslines, and unique FX.

Is there a chance to release an own samplepack at Renraku, and if so, which kind of samples would be needed to get a chance for a release?

We’re always looking for talented sound designers to join us, shoot us an email with a portfolio at [email protected] and we’ll reach out if we think there’s a unique fit. The kind of samples aren’t as important as the vision and creativity behind the producer.

Which kind of projects will be started next? I've seen you're also creating clothes, right?

We’re always looking for new projects and how we can do something unique. I think interactive experiences are a big area of interest for us, moving past typical music and sample pack releases. Not sure what that looks like quite yet though.

Now you've got the chance to tell our readers something that yoou always wanted to say

I’d first like to say thanks for all of the support we have received over the years, it has been extremely inspiring and motivating to find that a small ideas we had about music has been embraced by so many people. We have a lot of exciting stuff planned this year, check our website for samples/merch: www.renraku.global and check our bandcamp for our music: www.renraku.bandcamp.com

Thanks for taking time to this interview.

Thanks for having me!

More info here: Renraku

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