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Talk-Zone #8 Interview with B.Serrano

Hello Noizefielderz,
today we had the chance to talk with Benoit Serrano from his little software-company B.Serrano. Just read about interesting background news and things about him that you haven’t known before. Enjoy it!

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Hello Benoit, welcome to this interview. You’ve got a lot of plug-ins at your website, so you must have a lot of experience with the developement. Since how many years are you doing this and what was your intension to start with developing own tools?

I began in 2004, but the story began in the mid-eighties. In this time (i was a teenager…), House-music was in the air, and i would like to made my own tracks. But in this time synth gears were expensive, and computers were not like now. All synths were hardware. So, if i can’t buy it, maybe i can made it (DIY). But learning electronic is long and hard, and i was too lazy for that… So i start to work in my holidays for buying second-hand stuff. And my first synth was an Alpha Juno 1 and his PG-300! I bought it in 1990 for 300 euros.

Later, computers can run virtuals synths, and in 2003 i discovered Synthedit. It was a wonderful time: i can now make my own machine! OK, virtual only, but i made it!

Yeah, building an own tool is very exciting. Tools like Dionysos EX, Adonis or Cosmos are having so many modulation possibilities, because of the complex matrix. I think that the developement for such tools will take much time. How much time does it take to create a new tool /prototyp?

Adonis take me 6 month everyday work to be ready. But i have lot of prototypes since i began in 2004. For example, Horus (released in 2014) was began in 2006, and suspended. I got lot of things like that…

You’re the owner of B.Serrano, right? Do you develope all at your own, or do you have helping hands for preset creations, manual writing, programming etc..?

All is made by myself. But others developers (Novaflash, Nay Seven, Hervé Noury, Xavier Kalensky and many others) help me sometimes with advices, opinions. We are a nice french Synthedit community: http://nay-seven.com/index.php

The GUI of your last (newer) tools are looking really good. Which devices do you use for your developements (coding, graphics etc…)?

Well, i use different tools according to my needs and mood… Photoshop, GIMP, Skinman… and Knobman of course!

Is there a plan to sell own tools, or do you always spend them for free?

I want to continue in freeware. Peoples make sometimes a donation (money, beers…). Currently, it is not a question to make something to sell.

Do you also produce or play own music?

Of course, i produce my own music. All my tracks are available at SoundCloud.


You’re offering three different freeware-samplers. (Osiris, Osiris XT and Nucleus). In all of those tools, users could load samples into it, but unfortunately you’re not offering sample-packs. Is there a plan for own sample-packages?

These products are very old… I want to make a sample-based machine in the future, but i don’t have a precise idea yet. Just some prototypes.

Which interesting plug-ins could the B.Serrano users expect next? Is there a chance for a Mac-support?

OSX version are not possible for now. The next version of Synthedit will permit it, but it’s still in alpha version and unstable. Not ready yet. But my current products will never work natively on OSX, because I’m using many 3rd parts Synthedit’s modules that are in 32 bits and Windows specific. So, it means when SE will ready for OSX, I will can make only new stuff. From scratch. Idem for Windows in 64 bits. So, don’t expect to run a 64 bits version of Dionysos or other… Sorry it’s not my fault. And learning a language like C++, takes a very long time, and i don’t have this time. My job (IT tech) take me lot of time…

If I wouldn’t develop plug-ins I wanted to be an….

Astronaut! Since i was a child i’m interested in space and astronomy. I still want to go in space… My dream in to become like David Bowman in „2001“. It’s more convenient and faster than a stargate ;-)

Which interesting plug-ins could the B.Serrano users expect next? Is there a chance for a Mac-support?

Youth is a disease which is cured a little more each day… (i’m 42)
Failure is the foundation to success.
We are not here to be here.

Thank you very much for taking time to this interview.

Thank you too for all!

More information: B.Serrano

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