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Talk-Zone #9 Interview with Homeaffairs

Hello Noizefielderz,
today we had the chance to talk with Homeaffairs, the resident of the Holi Gaudy-Events. He has already released so much tracks (even on Ministry Of Sound) and is a very entertaining DJ. Enjoy it!
1. You’re the resident-DJ from the Holi Gaudy festivals. Maybe some of our readers haven’t heard about that festival yet. Please explain what people could expect, when they also want to be a part of a Holi-Gaudy festival. What makes Holi Gaudy so special?

Holi Gaudy is a trend-festival and made for the new party-generation. In times of facebook, twitter and more, the interests of the kids are different and it seems to be very interesting to live, feel and record unforgettable and colourful moments. At Holi Gaudy, you have the chance to do all this things: party with a lot of other people to electronic music, feel the familar atmosphere of a festival crowd, combined with colourful powder and strange and interesting looks. Holi Gaudy is a festival for partypeople, who watch out for unforgettable moments and high euphoric feelings….this makes it very special for me.
Read more about Holi Gaudy at http://holi-gaudy.com/
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level="h6" looks_like="h6" accent="false"]2. Everytime when I see you playing with your inflatable turtle, funny balls and other crazy effects, your show seems to be more an entertainment-festival-gig than a simple DJ-gig. That makes your show so unique and the crowd is freaking out. Do you prefer playing on festivals because of the crowd or do you also love the job producing new tracks/remixes in the studio?[/x_custom_headline]

Like I wrote before, times changed in electronic music. The first 15 years of my DJ-life, I never touched a microphone or got on top of the stage. The music was the message, only the music. But I like this new way of partying, because of the extreme interaction, euphoric moments and special feelings. I also think, I am a very „real“ DJ all my life. This means, the people always mentioned my love for the music and my job. I think this is a good combination with the performance-style, too.

3. Your DJ career is lasting for almost 20 years. You’ve played in so much countries and citys. What was your intension to start with DJing?

When I started DJing in the 90’s, I never believed I would play in other countries, at big festivals etc… I learned the DJ skills just for myself, bought vinyl, cause I loved the music (which was only available in vinyl). Then I started to show my music-selection in some little bars, later in clubs etc…the thing got its own way, before I mentioned, I am a DJ now.

4. When you’re producing a new track, do you work more on hardware-synths, drum-machines etc. or do you prefer using software-plug-ins for your productions? If you use software, what’s you’re favourite tool / plug-in?

I’m a Cubase-guy. Many people around this area of germany learnt to produce in cubase, so everyone learnt from each other and most of them kept this sequencer. In the 90’s, producing was a very expensive hobby, with a lot of hardware, cables and technique. I never had the money to buy all this things, so I had some little tools like a novation bassstation, novation drumstation, some synths etc… but I always loved to work with sequencers and plugins.

5. In the beginning of your producer-career, you’ve created experimental and lounge-music. The last years you only play EDM and House. Is there a chance that you go back to the roots one day and create a lounge-track again?

Wow, you know a lot of things from me…thats right, this is how the name „Homeaffairs“ started. It was meant as „inner movements“ – as a synonym for the things in my mind. It started with a few very little albums of electronic jazz, easy-listening, experimental stuff, that a friend of mine has been released. I like this part of my life as an musician for sure, but i always have been a „partyboy“, so I love when the people really party, when I perform or when my music got played. So i think, this will be my way.

6. Which projects could the homeaffairs fans expect next?

I’m starting a remix-contest soon, right here on Noizefield, where people can win a record deal at lickin-records by remixing my single “Let’s go”.

7. My top 5 favourite alltime-classics are:

1. Emanuel Top – Turkish Bazar
2. Winx – Don’t laugh
3. The Prodigy – No good
4. Capricorn – 20 Hz
5. Aphex Twin – On

If I wouldn’t be a DJ a would be…

Well, I live my dream, and do what I ever wanted. In my regular occupation, I am a graphic-designer and do a lot of creative things for the music-business, agencys and a lot of other customers. In my secondary occupation, I am a DJ and have really great parties at different festivals at the moment. I love both of them and if I wouldnt be a DJ and designer, I wanted to be a DJ and designer…

Haha! Nice to hear that you’re so happy with the things you do. Let’s tell our readers one or more secrets, that people didn’t knew before about you.

Hehe… I think none of the reader knew, I am since such a long time in this business… no one knew, I started with easy listening records and no one knew, my top5 records would be so 90s. so you got a lot of “secrets” with your cool questions, hard to get more but this could be the last “blow away-secret”: I never tasted alcohol, not one drop. I never tasted a cigarette, pipe, cigar or something to dope. I’ve also never tasted coffee. And I don’t see a reason to change these facts.

Wow! Same attitude just as me. Thank you very much for taking your time!

I have to say thank you for this great interview. Had a few in my life, but I think this was one of the most original ones.

Check these out!

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