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Free Audiohost: Ableton and SoundCloud – Live Lite 8 for free

Ableton and SoundCloud are working together and they announced that if you are a soundcloud member you can get a Live Lite 8 for free!

Ableton has long been the number one choice for musicians, whether for songwriting, making beats, remixing or live performances. At SoundCloud, we know that many of you depend upon it, indeed many of our team members use it on a regular basis privately (and it’s even been used in a masterclass or two!). It’s therefore with great pleasure to announce that SoundCloud and Ableton, two great Berlin audio companies, have teamed up to give our communities something unprecedented and very, very awesome.

The news? Ableton now comes with SoundCloud sharing baked in – yes, upload straight to SoundCloud. To celebrate, SoundCloud is offering Ableton users 5 months of SoundCloud Pro, for free. You can find the details here. So what does the SoundCloud community get? Ableton has been generous enough to offer the entire SoundCloud community a free copy of Live Lite 8 so that everyone can get started making their own sounds.

If you’re registered for our newsletter,  you’ll get an email in the next 2 weeks with your own personal download code for Ableton Live Lite 8. If you haven’t yet registered for our newsletter,  you can do so on your email settings page.

If you haven’t gotten a code by the 13th of April, please contact our Community team who will be able to help you out. You have to redeem your copy by the 31st of May, so once you’ve gotten your code don’t wait. We’ve set up an FAQ page in case you have any questions.

And that’s not all – come May there will be a competition to compose a sound with parts from M83, Imogen Heap, and Nosaj Thing. Of course, you’ll need Ableton with SoundCloud to enter,  so make sure to update your copy of Ableton to get SoundCloud sharing and if you don’t have it yet, claim your copy today!

More info here: http://blog.soundcloud.com/2012/04/02/soundcloud-and-ableton/

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