free samples: 10 New Free Beats by Petri Suhonen

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Petri Suhonen has released 10 Beats for Free.

“In these past couple of days I’ve been busy in my studio creating beats and as a result I came up with a 10 different beats which I’m going to share with all of you for free.

There’s total of 10 drum loops in this pack and they’re on hip hop, downtempo, house, techno and trance genre. All are a produced by me (with FL Studio of course).

These are completely roaylty free and you can use them in your own musical productions however you like. They are in 24-bit 44kHz WAV format.

I would’ve shared the .flp project files as well, but I’m using drum hit samples from commercial sample libraries so I’m not able to share them and moreover, I’m using some commercial VST plugins as well, so you wouldn’t been able to open the project files properly.”

I´ve just listened to Petri Suhonen´s Beats and i have to say: good job, nice sounds + grooves :)

Download link:

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