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KVR Member ToneCarver released Nova3, a freeware generative sequencer for windows.

“Introducing Nova3, a generative sequencer based on the motion of rovers in a resizeable matrix. Nova3 generates MIDI notes when rovers strike a wall. Rovers change directions when they encounter walls, obstacles and other rovers. You can use this to generate static sequences, slowly evolving sequences, or wildy chaotic sequences.

There are lots of controls for tweakability (see the readme in the zip file for details about the controls and behaviors) but a good way to grok the plugin is to give it a quick go. Insert an instance into your DAW with the MIDI output routed to a synth. Click a few cells in the matrix. Press play on the DAW transport. The rovers will move and generate MIDI notes when they bounce off a wall. Pattern change when the rovers contact each other, contact an obstacle, or are perturbed by the probability controls.”

More info and download here:

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