Free Sounddesign Software: Xenakios – HourGlass (beta 3)

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Xenakios released the beta3 of their free audio software HourGlass. Its a granular software for MS Windows.

Changes/New Features :

  • Sound sources editor shows scrollbars when the snapshots don’t fit vertically into the current size
  • Better error messages for fragment scripts. (Note however that the error that attempts to show the beginning of the line with the error isn’t always right. This is a limitation of the eel2 library and IIRC also behaves similarly with Cockos’s JesuSonic.)
  • Removed the “Presets” entry from the View-menu
  • Source morph envelope is reset when calling the “New workspace” action
  • Some parameters appear (again) more logically grouped in the main parameters GUI

More information and download here:

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