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Free Vst: vladgsound Molot compressor Update

vladgsound updated Molot compressor to version 0.3.

New Features:

  1. External stereo sidechaining support (inputs 3 and 4).
  2. Linear phase oversampling support (latency 344 samples).

More info and download here: http://vladgsound.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/molot-0-3-is-out/
i´ve used a lot of freeware in the past. unfortunatelly most of them are:

  1. quite bad in sound
  2. hard to use or
  3. unstable

so everytime when a new free plugin occurs i´m quite sceptical. since a while now i am only installing “good looking” free plugins and i have to be quite shure that they should work “perfect”, because i dont like system crashes etc. caused by some trashy plugins.

the molot compressor is one of the more rare freeware plugins that are just great :)
i´ve tested it and it looks and sounds very nice. its available in 32bit and even in 64bit. another great reason to give it a try.

check it out here. the webpage http://vladgsound.wordpress.com/ is really interesting, by the way.


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