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Wouter Hisschemöller veröffentlicht die kostenlose Java App Euclidean MIDI Patterns. Diese App erzeugt Midi Noten/Sequenzen in echtzeit. Ich finde die Idee wirklich großartig.

“In January I posted a Euclidean rhythm generator in Flash. Polyrhythms generated by a mathematical algorithm. I wanted the next version to be able to send MIDI, so I could use it with software like Ableton Live and hardware music machines like my Elektron Machinedrum. Since Flash doesn’t do MIDI I spent the last few months learning Java and rebuilt the pattern generator to add MIDI capabilities.”

Schaut bzw. hört euch auch umbedingt diese klasse Sounddemos an:


The features are basic in this first version:

  • Double click anywhere in the lower panel to generate a new pattern. A new pattern is 16 steps with 4 notes by default.
  • Click a pattern’s center circle to select the pattern. A selected pattern shows a double center ring and it’s settings are displayed on the panel at the right.
  • Drag a pattern’s center circle to move the pattern. So you can visually reorganize your screen when there’s a lot of patterns.
  • All patterns with their settings and location can be saved in a file. This is a regular XML text file. The File menu has the familiar New, Open, Save and Save As options. The project tempo is saved in the file as well.

Weitere Infos und Download hier: http://www.hisschemoller.com/2011/euclidean-midi-patterns/

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