kostenlose samples: Alex Juno – free Korg DW8000 Samples for NI Kontakt

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Alex Juno hat Free Korg DW8000 Samples für NI Kontakt im KVR Forum veröffentlicht.

“Included are 16 of my sounds, some pad sounds, some polysynth-ish sounds, a couple of fx and a nice monophonic unison bass sound. I took my favourite patches and then used Samplerobot to get the multisamples off the synth and into Kontakt, and then i started tweaking. The DW8000 has some annoying low hum on some of it’s patches, notable more when you press the high keys, so i used a high pass filter in Kontakt that kicks into action on the higher keys. Some of the patches have multiple velocities, however some, to save space, have had Kontakt’s own filter added and velocity mapped to it. I also added some delay or reverb where appropriate. I think they sound better in Kontakt than on the synth now!”


  • Choir of the damned: Nasty, Melotronish, Alien Choir Sound…Disturbing!
  • Dramatic Strings: It’s all in the name!
  • Funk Long/Short: Two versions of a funky clav/polysynth hybrid sound, sounds VERY DW8000.
  • Intense: Some more dramatic Strings
  • Little Pitch Env: Timpani/Tom+Synth sound, very dramatic
  • Little Pitch Env2: Cute Digisynth Sound
  • Long Env: Seriously long filter envelope with lots of resonance, sliding down.
  • Lovely Strings: My fave string sound from the DW
  • Octave Strings: Similar, just in octaves
  • Phaseord: Phased pad
  • Pitch Env Vox: Very Digital and maybe annoying digivox sound
  • Rezo: Big Ass Unison Bass with multiple velocities sampled
  • Strat: Guitarish type pad
  • Whee: Reminds me of a wibbly effect in an old synth funk record.
  • Whovian: Big filter sweep up, has an early Dr Who flavour.

Weitere Infos und Download hier: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=321307

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