kostenlose samples: Bronto Scorpio Music – Quirky 808 (Battery)

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Bronto Scorpio Music veröffentlicht Quirky 808, ein kostenloses Drumkit für NI Battery.

“ome days ago I thought it would be a good idea to share some free Battery kits. So I spent one free day on this first kit. It’s called “Quirky 808 Kit”.
I haven’t used a real 808 here. Everything was created from scratch using various softsynths. It doesn’t sound like a real 808 and it shouldn’t sound like a real 808. I gave all the samples a unique character and shaped them further in Battery. All sounds have some unique little blips, blops, scratches, noises etc. I tried to pay attention even to the smallest details to get a really unique kit. (There are already many clean, accurate 808 kits out there).
You’ll need the latest version of Battery to use this kit. Of course you can also use the samples in every other sampler but it won’t sound the same since I made heavy use of Batterys features.”

Weitere Infos und Download hier: http://blog.bronto-scorpio-music.com/?p=210

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