kostenloses ensamble: Poul Vestergaard – Neuron Drum (for NI Reaktor)

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Poul Vestergaard hat Neuron Drum, ein kostenloses Ensamble für Native Instruments Reakor veröffentlicht.

NeuronDrum will recieve midi note on at all 8 neuron, but thats only if it’s used as soundmodule.
NeuronDrum will send midi notes from its rhythmgenerator.
It will syncronize to midisongposition, but will only be accurate from start of the song.
caused by the nature of this way of generating rhythm patterns.
NeuronDrum has 5 effect unit.
Tempo-delay, reverb, compressor, exciter and a modwheel controlled lowpass filter.



  • 512 audio samples
  • 8 neurons
  • 99 patterns
  • random sample select buttom
  • random pitch select buttom
  • clear buttom will clear all neuron counters
  • modwheel lowpass filter
  • global pitchbend
  • exciter
  • tempo delay
  • reverb
  • compressor
  • neuron by noteon
  • sync to sequencer midisongposition pointer, only accurate from start
  • modwheel
  • pitchbend
  • sends midi note on for all 8 neurons

Weitere Infos und Download hier: http://www.afsnit.dk/neurondrum/index.html

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