News: 3ee – Diva Personas [Sound Set for u-he Diva]

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3ee released Diva Personas, a sound set for u-he Diva. The soundset contains some very nice, cool and quite uniqe sounds. check out the demo ;)

“Diva Personas is a collection of 64 instruments ranging from dark contours to modern electronica and EDM, even bread’n’peanut-butter pop and vintage nuances resulting in a fairly diverse set of sounds to work and/or play with, that almost certainly every u-he Diva user may appreciate.

The collection is split into seven different Personas (Chemical, Dark, ElectroPunk, PopRock, Trance, Underground and Urban Dive). As an alternative view, they can be seen as seven different small sound sets into one. “

More info here:

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