News: Korg – mini KAOSS PAD 2 & Kaossilator 2

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Korg released mini KAOSS PAD 2 & Kaossilator 2 the reincarnation for their very famous Kaoss products.

Features mini KAOSS PAD 2

Control effects in real time using the intuitive touchpad interface
MP3 player with microSD card slot for data storage/exchange;
Perform on the Mini Kaoss Pad 2 without needing any other equipment!
100 effect programs, ideal for DJ mixes or sound design
3 Program Memories provide instant recall of favorite effects
Powerful Looper, Vinyl Break, and Ducking Comp effects borrowed from the Kaoss Pad Quad
Internal mic plus external audio inputs
Support for pitch change and cue point settings allows serious DJ play.
Record your performances and save them to using the microSD card slot
6 preset audio demo loops

Features mini KAOSS PAD 2

Simply tap or slide your finger across the X-Y touchpad
150 built-in sounds cover every style of dance music
PCM sound engine serves up realistic drums
Scale Key and Note Range eliminates “wrong” notes
Built-in Gate Arpeggiator with adjustable gate time and swing settings
Loop Recording allows the creation of layered phrases with unlimited overdubs
Dual Loop Recording banks allow DJ-Style mutes and cross-fades
Record using the built-in mic; or use the mic input for recording of external input
microSD/SDHC card slot for saving loops and recorded performances

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