News: Spitfire Audio – Albion I version 4

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Spitfire Audio announced an update of AlbionI to version 4.

  • “Albion now has ‘All-in-one’ patches to match Loegria & Iceni. Keyswitch between all articulations (customisable – even mapping articulations to latch/activate via CCs).
  • ‘The Cog’, a tool allowing end-users to easily tweak patches to their taste (skip specific round robins, adjust tuning and volumes of individual notes in articulations, etc.).
  • ‘Ostinatum’ v4, the latest version of the Ostinatum machine – includes complete control of options (and track soloing) via keyswitches.
  • Polyphonic legato allows control over multiple voices (up to 8 ) on a single legato instance with complete control via velocity.
  • Longs and Legato now have ‘harder’ attacks by playing them at a higher velocity (in Polyphonic legato mode this is controlled by the speed slider).
  • Updated Stephenson/Brunel instruments allowing extra control (and cc mapping) of things such as ADSR, dynamics and expression.
  • Loegria’s Byron Tapes now features the new loop browser featured in Iceni to make this section of the library much easier to navigate.
  • Host and MIDI automation applied to controls by default – quickly automate most controls via your DAW, or Spitfire-familiar MIDI CCs.
  • Various graphical and functional updates and bug fixes too numerous to mention.”

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