News: Spitfire Audio – Orchestral Grand Piano & Harpsichord (Introductory Price)

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Spitfire Audio released Orchestral Grand Piano & Harpsichord for the introductory price of GBP 39,- and GBP 69,-

“Orchestral Grand Piano is a super realistic “contextual” piano designed specifically to fit proudly within your full orchestral arrangements. Having recorded it in one of the greatest studios in the world we’re confident it will fit in with any palette. But if you’re an existing Spitfire user, this VI will seamlessly integrate.

Pianos tend to be recorded in a very scientific manner which is why, for larger orchestral mockups and realisations they can often be very difficult to blend in and mix. You will have no such problems here. We simply recorded the piano as we have the rest of our modules. In situ, a real-world setting with mics placed as they would be for any orchestral session. The end result a piano sounding as it would, where it would be and recorded as it would be for any of the great film scores to have been recorded in Air-Studios Lyndhurst Hall.”

“Spitfire Harpsichord is part of what we would refer to as the “Definitive” range within Spitfire commercial products. Whereby we aim to provide a single stop solution, a definitive version of an instrument or group of instruments. It is our intention that these modules are the best in their field and are sampled in a way to future proof advances in technology and provide our users with tools that make the sonic character easily adjustable for a number of applications.”

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