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Twisted Tools veröffentlichte Rolodecks, eine modulares, echtzeit Multieffect Ensamble für NI Reaktor .

“The Rolodecks effects are the Slicer, Flange, Filter, Delay, Reverb and Ext effects.

Ext (short for external effect), is an assignable effects slot, giving you the ability to insert your own effects and automate them! With the Ext effect slot, you can truly make Rolodecks unique by adding your own flavor. To top it off, we’ve inserted a granular effect called Stretch as the default Ext effect, but feel free to swap it out for your own.”


  • Slicer, Reverb, Delay, Filter, Flange and EXT effect
  • Connect your favorite Reaktor, Hardware or Software effects to the EXT effect slot
  • Rolodecks Pro comes with RoloEXT featuring 6 EXT effects slots
  • Dub style fx sends using your host effects with RoloEXT
  • Effects are playable via MIDI or freely running
  • Drag effects to set signal flow
  • 8 Scenes that store/recall signal flow, automation and parameter settings
  • Ext Modulation lanes send MIDI Notes, IC Sends and/or CC’s
  • Advanced internal modulation system
  • Modulation speed and length per parameter
  • Envelope Mode for the modulation lanes
  • Kore, Maschine and Twisted KP Templates
  • Time-stretching sample playback system
  • 300+ mb Sample Library
  • Sounds by: Derek Mahone, Gil Sharone, Glitchmachines, Jedsound, Lawgiverz, Mike Huckaby, Michael Ndah, Reuel Walker, Si Begg
  • Extensive Documentation and Demo Video by Native Instrument Product Specialist, Matt Cellitti
  • Free Version Updates

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