Promo: numeric media – Audiograph HD (get your free promocode now!)

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numeric media resently released Audiograph HD, a new Audio-Messurment/Oscilloscope App for the Apple iPad. Unfortunetelly i have no iPad at the moment to test this App but the guys from numeric media providet me some promocodes. i have got 10 7 5 free promocodes for you!
just write me some comment or an email and i will provide you with the code.

“You can alter the time domain for in- and decreasing the visible samples. You can freeze the graph to have a more detailed view and it also allows you to modify the colors to your needs.
Possible exercises are analyzing acoustical environments (e.g. field recording), tone-shaping and equalizing assistance for musical instruments like guitar, bass, modular synthesizers… you name it.”


  • Waveform
  • Frequency
  • Sonogram
  • 3D View

More info here:
Buy it here:

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