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Plugin Alliance released Kiive Audio Xtressor


Plugin Alliance released Kiive Audio Xtressor, a powerful new compressor plugin designed for mixing and mastering engineers. The plugin is the result of a collaboration between Plugin Alliance and Kiive Audio, a new audio software company founded by renowned producer and mixing engineer, Greg Wells.

Kiive Audio Xtressor features a unique “parallel” compression mode, which allows users to blend the compressed and uncompressed signals to create a more natural and dynamic sound. The plugin also includes advanced features such as sidechain filtering, a mix control, and a built-in limiter.

“We’re excited to release Kiive Audio Xtressor, our latest compressor plugin developed in collaboration with Greg Wells,”. “This plugin is designed to give mixing and mastering engineers the flexibility and control they need to create the perfect sound. With its unique parallel compression mode and advanced features, we believe Kiive Audio Xtressor will quickly become a go-to tool for audio professionals.”

More info here: Plugin Alliance | Kiive Audio Xtressor

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