2getheraudio released K1CK Synth

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2getheraudio released K1CK Synth, a new kick drum creation plugin.

The kick drum. Many say it’s the most important sound in a drummer’s tool belt. It’s the bottom, the groove, the bass-connector. That’s why producers spend so much time working to create the perfect kick drum sound. 2getheraudio helps bring this obsession under control with K1CK Synth, a powerful, easy to use, virtual instrument that delivers electronic kick drums to your mixes in exactly the way you need them to.

K1CK Synth takes the hard work out of sculpting the perfect kick drum sound. A Simple Edit screen not only lets you quickly audition kick sounds while your groove is playing, but it also gives you quick control over modifying those sounds using 4 highly customized macro knobs optimized for kick drum sound control. If you still need to fine tune from there, one button takes you to the Expert Edit mode for further refinement.

More info here: 2getheraudio | K1CK Synth

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