38% off: VOX BOX – 7 GB of Voices, Robot-Adlibs, Mantras, Pads and Phrases

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The VOX BOX comes with 187 patches and 40 loops of pure voices, whispers, electronic monks, real and synthetic choirs, formant pads, spoken phrases and mantras that will suit perfectly for Deephouse, Ambient, Chillout and other styles that need to be supplied with unique vocals.

Product details:
– 7 GB sample content
– 187 patches for Zampler//RX
– Real and robot vocals, phrases and mantras
– Real and synthetic choirs
– Singing monks
– Robot adlibs
– Formant pads and basses
– Atmospheric pad sounds
– Perfectly suitable for Deephouse, Ambient, Chillout and other styles that need vocals

    Included are the following 4 Zampler sound banks:

ÆNIGMA – 64 Gregorian choir- and synth-hybrids
Pure emotion and ethnic vocal power… There is something mysterious and sacred about Gregorian choirs that is simply unique. But because their use can quickly sound oldschool, the guys from ZamplerSounds have sampled, sliced and looped like maniacs, to present you 64 ready-to-use bass-, pad- and lead-hybrids of choirs and synths that should give every track a unique touch.

MACHINE VOX – 45 synth choirs and electronic monks
Striking vocals are the perfect hooks for songs and tracks. Unfortunately they’re sometimes hard to find, but fortunately also synthetic voices cut a fine figure, if memorable sounds are what you’re after. Reason enough to collect 45 patches of synth choirs, electronic monks, format voices and other extravagant material, covering a range from of lush pads to fancy leads.

ROBO#TXTR – Vocal sound bank
Robo #txtr is an extensive collection with 1.5 GB of electronic vocals, phrases, machine and robot noises. Expect production-ready presets, just waiting to be manipulated with its flexible sound editing and automation tools.

VOXIFYR – 44 cutting edge vox
This cuts through every mix! Razor-sharp lead sounds, crystal-clear pads and barking basses, treated with formant filters and ready for our workstation Zampler//RX. The 44 patches go far beyond the typical Ayayay’s and Oioioi’s of common formant filters and provide fat raw material for all electronic styles.

Audio demos

Price and availability
The VOX BOX with 7 GB of vocals is currently available for less than 25 Euro at www.zamplersounds.com. You save 38%. The sale ends on 17th September 2021

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