8DIO released Soundpaint (incl. free Vintage Steinway Grand Piano)

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8DIO released Soundpaint, a free music instrument technology that offers you the ability to play completely realistic music instruments.

Soundpaint renders all instruments by morphing velocity layers and generating new velocities and samples from them. The technology has taken 8 years to develop. Everything is built from the ground up, including a new proprietary algorithmic audio format that allows us to render instruments in real-time.

The Soundpaint™ engine uses all the natural (im) perfections of instruments and can sound completely realistic or synthetic. It also has analog behaviors built-in.

Soundpaint also comes with a free Vintage Steinway Grand Piano, so you can feel the touch of real-time rendered piano.
The Soundpaint Engine renders all instruments, dynamically in real-time. Resulting in a truly realistic feel, playability and behavior compared to conventional sample technologies.
Soundpaint is also backed by the most extensively deeep-sampled instrument catalogue in the world by Academy, TEC, and Emmy Award Winning Producers.
New instruments. Every week. Never on sale.

Vintage Steinway Grand Piano: FREE!
All Soundpaint instruments + latest updates: $360

More info here: Soundpaint

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