Loopmasters Black Friday Sale – 3 months of Loopcloud for $3 + Loopmasters Bass Master Plugin for Free

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3 months of Loopcloud for £3 / $3 and receive Loopmasters Bass Master Plugin for Free

Want the largest and most diverse sound library in the world, covering all genres of music?
That vintage synth, drum machine or guitar you’ve been eyeing up? It’s all here along with acapellas and every instrument you could wish for. Lovingly recorded in the best studio environments so it’ll sound as beefy as it does on your favourite tracks.

Black Friday Offer

  • 3 Month Loopcloud Artist Subscription for £3 / $3
  • Free Loopmasters Bass Master Plugin
  • 1 GB Loopcloud Sample Pack
  • Access to 4 Million Sounds
  • Best DAW Integration
  • 100 Points to Spend on Sounds per Month
  • Loopcloud DRUM and PLAY Plugins
  • 8 Loop Editors to Stretch Out Ideas
  • Full Effects Rack for Sound Processing

Loopcloud Black Friday Deals

Deal available here: Loopcloud Black Friday Deals

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