31. May 2023 | News | Noizefield

Aberrant DSP released Tectonic


Aberrant DSP released Tectonic, a multi-band toneshaping channel strip. Combining equalization, imaging, and dynamics processing, Tectonic is a complete sonic toolkit for anything from subtle sweetening to total tonal transformation.


  • 4 bands of upward / downward compression
    • Boosting a band applies upward + downward compression
    • Cutting a band applies only downward compression
    • -12 dB to 12 dB trim gain per band
  • Selectable transition frequency between each set of adjacent bands
  • Per band Mute, Solo, and processing Bypass
  • Mid / Side panner per band, allowing independent stereo narrowing and widening of each frequency range
  • Master mix, input gain, and output gain
  • Six style selections to adjust the feel and intensity of the dynamics processing
  • Custom preset system with 65 factory presets illustrating Tectonic’s wide range of toneshaping abilities


More info here: Aberrant DSP | Tectonic for macOS and Windows VST3, AU & AAX

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