Accusonus End of the Year Sale 2018 – up to 65% off

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Accusonus are running a sale starting next Wednesday, on the 12th of December 2018. Until the 1st of January, Accusonus’ audio repair, beat making & drum mixing bundles and individual plug-ins will be available at a discounted price of up to 65% off. Great discounts are also available for existing customers looking to upgrade. To learn more, please visit

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Price and Availability


  MSRP Black Friday Week
Regroover Pro $219 $119
Beatformer $99 $79
drumatom² $299 $99
ERA Bundle Standard

(ERA Noise Remover, ERA Reverb Remover, ERA Plosive Remover, ERA Voice Leveler, ERA De-Esser)

$295 $99
ERA Bundle Pro

(ERA Noise Remover, ERA Reverb Remover, ERA Plosive Remover, ERA De-Esser, ERA Voice Leveler, ERA D)

$594 $199
Beat Making Bundle (Regroover Pro, Beatformer, All Regroover Packs) $563 $199
Drum Mixing Bundle (drumatom² + Beatformer) $398 $199
Accusonus’ All bundle $1,456 $499


More info here: Accusonus

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