aciddose re- releases free plugin limiter

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aciddose has published a new update for their Xhip- effectpugin Limiter.

Xhip was originally publicly released as a plug-in in December 2004 without embedded effects.

Limiter now use chunks for preset data.
– Anyone using the effects should upgrade and load/confirm/re-save any projects to ensure compatibility with future releases.
The compressor threshold parameter has changed very slightly for values very close to 100% but should otherwise not be noticed.
– Updated compressor and limiter with parameter readouts.
– Compressor threshold parameter is now more accurate.
The threshold parameter is actually inverted compression depth. It has been adjusted to correspond to the gain reduction given zero attack and a 0 dB
input. Due to the non-linear response however the display of this parameter in decibels is not otherwise accurate and is only a reasonable
approximation. For each halving of input amplitude (-6.02 dB) the compression depth is likewise halved.
– New RC Filter effect with low-pass and high-pass modes.
This is a general-purpose filter most useful as a quick high-pass or low-pass. It performs the same as a single RC filter circuit (resistor and
capacitor) which is the most common filter in analog devices and can be used to model its effects in software. Such a filter is typically present as
part of any input or output.
For example an analog channel strip will have a high-pass at ~5 Hz as part of the input followed by a gain stage with a low-pass at ~25 kHz. The output
will also likely include an additional high-pass at ~5 Hz or less (1/2 Hz is very common) for a total of 12 dB/o high-pass and 6 dB/o low-pass.

Xhip – Limiter

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